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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Magic Pocket Bread (Roti Poket)

 Can you imagine having pocket bread without the trouble of dough kneading and avoid all the mess in the kitchen? Here is the magic way.....
Credit to UsuRaz for helping with the stuffing work

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Rabiatun
Makes 10 semi-circles
10 Bread Slices
1-2 Eggs + Salt + Pepper - beat slightly 
A plate of Breadcrumbs

1. Place 2 pieces of bread together and roll flat with rolling pin.
Cut into a circle shape using cup/glass.
2. Dip into beaten egg & coat wit breadcrumbs.
3. Deep fry until puffed up and golden color.

4. Cut into semi-circle shape.
5. Stuff it with your favourite filling.
I simply use fried nugget, tomato & cucumber, topped with mayonnaise & chili sauce.

Cara yg mudah untuk buat roti poket ala-ala roti pita tapi tak payah susah2 nak uli tepung bagai.....

10 keping Roti
1-2 biji Telur + Garam + Lada Sulah - pukul sedikit 
Sepiring Serbuk Roti

1. Lapiskan 2 keping roti & gelek sehingga nipis.
Potong bentuk bulat menggunakan cawan/gelas.
2. Celup dlm telur & kemudian serbuk roti.
3. Goreng sehingga gelembung & warna keperangan.
4. Potong dua & isikan dgn bahan kegemaran.
Along cuma guna nugget, timun, tomato & dipaipkan mayo & sos cili.


  1. mmg best, rangup jer roti tu kan along :)

  2. This is on my next-to-do list...must do must do!! :D

    Before that, I'd like to have here some kak! :D

  3. sedap kan roti ni..ada lagi tak tu along..bagi akak akak ada bawak kueh lompang..

  4. Yeaaaa...akak dah buat akhirnyer..nampak sungguh sedap dan crispy..Tun berterima kasih pd tuan empunyer resipi ni :)

  5. Salam singgah,

    Very simple, brilliant idea n mesti cuba.tq

  6. Hi Roz, for a moment I thought can be called 'the UFO roti', ha ha.
    Very it.
    Okay, 6 pieces will be fine with me.
    Love that chilli sauce on it. Pedas ke tidak?
    Some chilli sauce kena mulut chepat chabut put face under the tap!

    Boleh tanya sikit, how many belts has your hubby changed since marriage? Ha ha ha.
    Your menu boleh buat tu Sheraton chief cook malu, ha ha.

    Have fun and next time I come I bring chopsticks.
    Have a pleasant week.

  7. Hi Roz...thanks for remembering me...! You see, I've started my teaching days again... sigh...! And it's making me left with no time to blog-hop lah! But I do make it a point to visit some of you at least once a week...including you of coz!!! ...but sad to say that I've kept my commments to a minimum, so that explains why I'm "transparent", LOLZ... I love your recent posts very much, especially the Choc pudding and I'm definately gonna try it one day!
    Meanwhile...stay cool!!

  8. Adoi!
    At first it looked like those breaded fish "fillets" to me, but then when I read the recipe, haha, they are made of sandwich bread :)

  9. Roz, I da tengok your that UFO roti lupa mention I have copied the picture.
    Boleh, kan?
    Waa, da tiga teh tarek lambong tinggi outang you, ha ha. Lee.

  10. along, resepi senang ni dh lama masuk list tapi xterbuat2 smpai skang...padahal hati tuh meronta2 nak buat poket gak...hehhehehehe...nak kena buat gak nih...

  11. Assalam along, memang harus cuba ni..masuk list lah!!..

  12. Salam Along,
    Lamanya tk datang umah along ni... tuan rumah sihat? nak makan roti poket pun tah2 dah habis :D

  13. thanks for sharing.....another must do recipe....selalunya i hanya gelek a single layer roti tu then gulung dgn sausage...then celup dgn telur and breadcrumbs....this time bole tukar style....meriahnya la nnt my sons punye lunch box.....b4 this hari2 pening nak pack lunches dah bole tambah menu!

  14. This sounds new and simple snack to me....happy blogging..

  15. Salam along..
    mmg magic lah roti poket ni..ala2 poket doraemon..kreatif betul along lah..nak sikit ye..hihi

  16. Nor,
    A'ah, lupa nak mention mmg rangup ler roti tu.

    Only take you 5 min to do this, do quickly before other thing cut queue...hehe. 3 pockets for you, one each for Asyika & Rishie too.

    Maceh ler KakAnim, sonok nya dpt kuih lompang yg tomel & sedap ni.

    Maceh ler Tun, nasib nampak kat umah Tun ari tu, memang sedap.

    Pretty & most importantly nice...hehe.

    Wsalam. Cubalah, senang je sekejap dah siap.

    ok, ok 3 teh tarek outang saya mesti bayar k...hehe. For you sure can, plus already wrapped 6 pieces roti poket for you or you can also keep one to fly in as UFO...kikiki. My hubby change his belt every year...hahaha but so far still boleh tahan masih hensem...hehe.

    Hi Meldylock,
    Miss you & glad that you drop by. Now I know why you've been quiet, thanks for letting me know. Take care & hope you like what yo found.

    That's why I call it Magic...hehe.

    Cepat buat waktu tgh meronta2 ni kang mood hilang pulak...hehe.

    Wsalam & smt mencuba.

    Wsalam. Lama nya tak jenguk Along, miss you lah. Lama dh tak dtg duduk ler dulu, meh Along goreng roti poket utk Ijan & Mikael.

    My MAA,
    You can play around with the filling so your kids will not get bored.

    Wsalam. hehe, best gak nama doraemon, memamng pun nampak ternganga cam mulut doraemon...hehe.

  17. Hai Roz I am going through ur blog for last two days,all ur recipes r really amazing and i also saw other blogs of urs,but i cant stop to wonder how do you get time to do all of this as a working mother?Masha ALlah.need ur tips regarding time management,and i also have another request i am a mother of 15 months old son can you give me some tastefull toddler recipes.Thnxs in Advance Assalamu Allaikum

  18. Hai Shahim,
    Wsalam. I've gotta allocate time wisely. I must say it is not as easy as it looks. I have a successful & demanding career, three growing teenage sons and a young daughter but that does not stop me preparing daily meals because it is very important to me. I believe in creating bonding with my family through food (my mum taught me this). Once you put your heart into it, you'll get it done. Insyaallah, I'll share with you later some recipes for toddlers.

  19. thank u so much waiting for ur toddler recipes..

  20. Shahim,
    I've posted Apple Crumble yesterday which is suitable for toddler. For main meal, my toddler likes soft rice with fried/soup fish/chicken and vegetable soup.

  21. Along, faa da try resepi ni. jemputlaa baca..hehe..tapi faa punya pocket bread selekeh. tak sekemas Along punya. nyway thanks sudi share resepi!

  22. Sedapnye.. Thanks for share resepi.. Esok nk buat la utk minum petang..


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