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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fresh Coconut Jelly

I made this delicious dessert last night to give Cik Ja & my SIL for their open house today. The combination of creamy bottom layer and fresh coconut at top layer is perfect to my liking (well hope others' too). Even my hubby was impressed with the taste. Thanking my sporting husband who hunted for young coconuts in the market after office hours, then helped me to cut open the young coconuts and grated the coconut flesh too (although I complained that he grated them a bit too coarse...hehehe sorry for being fussy).
Recipe by: Roz@HomeKreation
(Makes 12" diameter)
1 packet Jelly (13g)
1 liter Water
250g Sugar
1 small tin Coconut Cream
200g Milk

1 packet Jelly (13g)
600ml Water
120g Sugar
600ml Coconut Juice
1 Pandan Leaf
Grated Young Coconut Flesh

Prepare top layer & pour into a mould.
While waiting for it to set, prepare top layer.
Pour on top of the 1st layer.
Cool at room temperature.

Here is the tool used to grate the young coconut flesh (antique...hehe).


  1. Beautiful jelly. Is that white string is the coconut flesh?

  2. Hi Zue. Yes, it is. I'll update the recipe later - just woke up & need to prepare breakfast shortly.

  3. canteknyerrr jelly nehhh!! watkan seloyang longgg!! ari yg ke 45 pantang tau! nk makan puas2! muahahahaa....

  4. kreatif along ni...

    alat yg along guna utk parut tu mak sy selalu guna utk betik muda hihihi...kalau nak tahu kat aadelaide ni pun ada jual tau...kat kedai asean...

  5. Hi Roz,

    please let me know if it is agar jelly and what brand. looks very good.


  6. Hi Along,

    Nak tanya, Along guna agar2 serbuk, brand apa? Yg saya jumpa beratnya cuma 10 gm jek, bukan 13 gm. I tin santan, yg brand apa yek? Coz yg ada cuma cantan kotak.

  7. An,
    cap bunga ros. Kalau takde, timbang je lah jadi 13g. Santan tin biasa lah, cap ayam - kalau tak silap 140ml.

  8. Thank you to Roz and hubby (didn't know he helped too!).....truly it is the most beautiful jelly I have ever kain baju kurung!!!! And it tasted as good as it looked..........thanks a million, once again!



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