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Monday, December 14, 2009

Chocolate Banana Cake

Made the cake yesterday in order to finish off my last portion of banana. The recipe was taken from Inahar (she took it from Mamafami & Mamafami took it from Joy of Baking). The cake mature after one day keeping at room temperature resulting in moist and tasty cake. I would classify this as another 5* recipe.

Herewith the recipe which is retyped to suit my future reference:

(Makes 9" sq)
400g Sugar* (I reduced to 350g but will keep 400g next time)
245g Flour*
75g Cocoa Powder*
1½ tsp Baking Powder*
1½ tsp Baking Soda*
 ½ tsp Salt* (* Mixed together)
2 large Eggs**
1 cup mashed Riped Bananas **
240ml Warm Water**
120ml Milk**
120ml Oil**
1½ tsp Essence Vanilla** (** hand whisked together)

1. Add * into ** gradually until well mixed.
2. Pour into lined & greased 9" sq tin.
Bake for 40 min at 180C.


  1. uish.. sedapnyer kek cekelat + pisang nih.. ermm masuk list :)

  2. KakRoz, may I have 2 slices please!!! Owh...I can't reach it thru this screen! hehex! ;)

  3. Hai along...nak kek pisang sepotong..kitak makey pisang apa ya tek?

  4. I'd try this cake dis evenin..sedap! Sama la mula2 E-na masukkan gula 350g je then bila dah mix all together, try rasa sket..errmm masa tu juga add on 50g sugar, dan kacau! he he

  5. Nor,
    Cepat Nor, cepat buat sebelum terlupa. Cedap sungguh kek ni...!

    Oh, Love can have not two but four... but how am I going to send you...?hehehe

    Aik, sepotong jak kah? Mek key pisang Abu jak Sue, tapi tetap sedap...! Janji pisang ya masak ranum!

    Yes, resepi tu dah ok tak payah pomen2 lagi hehehe.

  6. It's not only lovely, but very easy to prepare as well. The taste must be really lovely or otherwise I wouldn't be receiving repeat orders from the same person trice! Hahahaha.... Baik punya promosi kan Along... Thanks to Joy of Baking! Your presentation amatlah mengujakan. Ni kalau jual kat kedai, kejap je leh habis!

  7. AlongRoz. ni kena selam dalam2 ni, nak carik pisang, gulap gulitaaaa, adussss. Macamanapun, walo itam berkilat, tatap manawannn hatikuuuu


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