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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pulut Kuning (Steamed Glutinous Rice)

Angah Rusydi & Usu Radhi had their hattamal Quran last month in my hubby's kampung (actually they had their first hattamal Quran in Miri hotel organised by the school when they were in primary six/five). Due to busy life & schedule, only today I manage to buy gifts & cook Pulut Kuning for my kids' Quran teacher (Pak Imam). In Malay's culture, Pulut Kuning is a must gift to Quran teacher after or during hattamal occassion.

Below is the photo on the hattamal Quran in Sarikei in conjunction with my BIL's wedding. A stage was built in an open area outside the house (another stage in the house for the bride & groom). Kids were typically paraded on helicoper shaped carrier around the kampung until they reached the stage but this time the four kids just walk due to their size....hehe. The two girls are their cousins.
Herewith how I cooked my Pulut Kuning just in case anyone interested:

Glutinous rice - washed & Soaked overnight with 1 tsp turmeric powder added
1 Pandan Leaf - torn & knotted 
Coconut Milk + Salt

Drain the glutinous rice & steam for 15 minutes with pandan leaf.
Sprinkle  coconut milk, stir well & continue steaming for another 5 minutes.
Repeat until rice is tender.


  1. Salam kak Roz,
    cantik pulut tu posing bulat2 gitu. oh, kat sana ada tak bunga telur? Tahniah buat Angah dan Usu. :)

  2. Gosh...I'm hungry right now! hehex...:)


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