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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Banana Cake II

 After testing few recipes from the internet then I'm landed back at my own recipe that I've been using for decades. My Emak & hubby prefer this recipe of all as it produces light & fluffy but moist cake. My cake above is a bit heavy because I used Pisang Abu (type that used for banana fritters) as I have it a lot from from my own tree. Nevertheless my hubby still loves it & he had more than half of the cake himself! For best result, use Pisang Rastali/Embun/Emas.

Here is the recipe but take note that the measurements are not in metric cups.

(Makes 9 1/2" round)
200g Butter
1 coffee cup Castor Sugar (about 170g) 
2 coffee cup Self-raising Flour* (about 280g) 
1 tsp Bic Soda* (* mixed)
8 Bananas / Pisang Emas - mashed (about 2 cups)
5 Eggs
2 tbsp Condensed Milk

1. Beat Butter & Sugar until fluffy.
Add egg one by one while beating.
Add in mashed banana.
Fold in flour until just mixed.

2. Pour into lined & greased tin.
Bake 170C for 60 min or until cooked.

a. Do not used metric cups otherwise cake ended up dry.
b. I baked my cake above in AMC pot above a slow fire instead in an oven. It resulted in an even risen cake.


  1. Salam Along,
    Memang nampa gebu dan moist aje kek pisang tue... pisang abu sedap ek... kite pon tak berapa ingat dah cemane rupa pisang abu tu.heheh

  2. Hi KakRoz...I'm not a fan of banana cake. I dunno y. But looking at urs here...hmmmm wish I could take some with me...hehe :)

  3. Look's like you are the Cake expert la Roz, semua kek Roz sedap-sedap dan montel-montel la. Kak kena training dengan Roz la macam ni.


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