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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kerabu Laksa

Have you ever heard of such name "Kerabu Laksa"...? hahaha... there is no such name because I've just created one. I made this accidentally yesterday after completed the Nasi Kerabu preparation. There were leftover fish bones & I didn't want to waste them. I imagined how I could turn them into a simple Laksa instead.

I ended up with this type of Laksa which I'm not sure which state Laksa it belonged to, perhaps closer to Terengganu or Johor Laksa, but no idea as I was not following any recipe. I just followed my taste bud while cooking it and using the Ulaman from Nasi Kerabu as garnishes....hence the name of "Kerabu Laksa".

The result was very surprisingly delicious and even better than my famous Laksa Penang.... (hehe I said "famous" because most of my friends like it so much and have been in demand many times). My two sons enjoyed it so much that they complaint I cooked too little of it.

So friends, next time you cooked Nasi Kerabu don't throw away the fish bones. Here what you can do with them:

Bones of 3 steamed Ikan Kembung /Mackerel
3 Shallots* 
1 Lemongrass* (* blend)
2 tbsp Chili Paste
1/2 bowl Coconut Milk
1-2 Tamarind Sauce
Salt & Sugar

Ulaman (Cabbage, Long Beans, Bunga Kantan, Ulam Daun Selom - finely sliced), boiled Egg, shredded Cucumber & Big Onion, sliced Chili.
Laksa noodles - soaked & blanched 

1. Blend fish bones with a lot of water until fine.
Strain & discard bones.
Add in the rest of ingredients & boil.

2. Serve blanched Laksa with gravy & garnishes.

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