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Monday, February 8, 2010

Kuih Tiram @ Kuih Lidah

This was my whole day project yesterday - quite time consuming to roll, slice & fry the dough. My left thumb was hurt so my second son Rusydi helped me to roll the dough through the machine, Fatma did the frying part whilst Radhi babysitted Liana. I was smiling to myself because the boys rarely helped in the kitchen but under emergency situation, they turned up unexpectedly competent.

We made very cute size, see below photo comparing it to a size of a spoon:
Here how the snacks look like before get coated:
I made this snacks for Chinese New Year gifts to my chinese colleague in the department. Here are packed & ready to be distributed:
The recipe is from my mum. No need for accurate measurement but indicated below as a guide.

1 kg Flour
2 tbsp Margarine
1 Egg
500ml Water
2 tsp Salt

Tapioca Flour
Veg Oil

1 portion Sugar
2 portion Nestum
- Blend both until fine.

1. Mix all ingredients until dough is form.
Knead until smooth.
(I poured mine into a mixer with dough hook & dough is ready in minutes)

2. Pour oil into tapioca flour just until a paste is formed.

3. Divide the dough into a smaller portion & roll flat.
Use pasta machine to roll until quite thin.
Spread the surface thinly with tapioca paste.
Roll & slice. Roll to flatten.

4. Deep fry until golden.
Coat with powdered sugar mixture.



  1. Oh u put nestum...

    Is this the same as kuih lidah jin/buaya?? Those are usually coated with just icing sugar.

    One of my friends told me she puts in santan as well. I love this.... send me a pack pls... kekekekeke!!!

  2. Along.... you should have made another pack extra, for ME!!! But I still celebrate Hari Raya lah, bukan Gong Xi Fa Chai... hehehe... I love this kuih tapi bila memikirkan betapa lamanya nak buat, tu yang put off tu.

  3. ros, rajinnya packing2 cam gitu utk bagi kawan2. k.ita nk 2,3 pack lah jugak...!

  4. Wendy,
    Yes, with nestum it taste more delicious as well as less sweet. Yes, kuih lidah jin/buaya/whoever's toungue....kikiki. A pack will not commensurate the postage lah....hehe

    Just take one of those packs mama...hehe

    wooo banyak nya 2-3 pack... kalau camtu you kena buat sendiri lah ya...hehehe


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