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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Light Pandan Cheesecake

Sharing herewith another 5 star recipe... absolutely superb....!

I had this in my head for quite sometime... wanted something light like Japanese cheesecake texture and slightly moist with localised Pandan & Coconut flavour matched with sponge cake base. When desire goes wild, you cannot go search out there in bakery or deli.... you just got to create it yourself otherwise the craving will not stop!

The whole family was so impressed with this. My second son is a cheesecake lover and he was surprised when he first tasted this "Wow Mama, this is really superb. Can you make one more whole cake just for me?" My answer to him "yes, you can have the whole cake".... that was because I happened to make two tins of the cheesecakes! This cheesecake version is light and therefore ones can eat it in big portion one go without having cheesy 'after taste'.

I used basic cheesecake recipe from a book and modified for rich coconut & pandan flavour:

(Makes two 8" round tin)
BASE - 1 slice 8" sponge cake

400g Fresh Milk
250g Cream Cheese
60g Flour
1 packet Santan Powder
5 Eggs
1 tbsp Pandan Paste
100g Caster Sugar

1. Line bottom & side of tin (do not grease).
Place one slice of sponge cake at the bottom.
See here for basic sponge cake recipe or buy ready made.

2. Double boil milk & cream cheese until smooth (I cook above small fire in a vision pot).
Add in flour & cook until thicken.
Leave to cool.
Add in santan powder & egg yolks - stir well each addition.

3. Whisk egg whites and sugar until stiff.
Add the above mixture 2. & stir slowly.

4. Steam bake at 180C for 20 min, then 140C for 1hr 30 min.
Leave 1 hour in oven with door ajar.
Chill in fridge for 4 hours.
Serve chilled.

Note: This recipe is not recommended for beginners as it requires skill in mixing the meringue into the batter. If your cake sinks after baked & texture is compact instead of foamy then the problem is the meringue. Make sure using a completely dry bowl and meringue is beaten until stiff.


  1. esselamu aleykum kardeşim,
    kek çok güzel, bebeğinizde çok sevimli:)

  2. Adusss Along ni kalau buat kek memang merbeles la... sangat la lembut nampak kek tuh. I want one whole cake too! :D

  3. Hi dear KakRoz...hru??? how's Liana???

    Wow, this cake is simply gorgeous lor! Want a piece pls! hehehe ;)

    Kak, pls accept an award from my page ya! Tks for being a wonderful friend! :D

  4. Salam Roz,
    Really am amazed with almost all of yr masterpc recipes.Though beginner,i still want to try baking this one.

    One query: I always see liquid measured as gram in some of recipes.In yr recipe here..400g fresh milk..Is it the same as 400ml?


  5. Zai,
    Wsalam. 400g is almost the same with 400ml but suggest you use the weighing method. My advice to beginner, the success of this cake is on the egg whites which need to be whisked until stiff & fold in until well mixed. If not handled correcly, the cake will sink & not fluffy.

  6. Hi Roz, I don't have Santan powder. Is it possible to substitute some of the milk for coconut cream or coconut milk instead? Thank you! Really looking forward to try this recipe too!

  7. Sweetsamsations,
    You can omit the santan powder completely.

  8. Thanks a lot for replying my dear! :)



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