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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Surprise Valentine's Gift

Another year of Valentine's day after 20 years of marriage and my husband never failed to surprise me. I warned him earlier not to waste money buying roses so he complied. He did not find excuses to go jogging or banking or anything this week end so I was sure that he'll be cool-off this year. I also did not buy him anything.... First thing in the morning before 6 am when Liana woke up, he kissed me good morning & said "I love you Yang" and that's it.... so I thought that's all. It was enough for me anyway as those words do not come by everyday...hehe. After I had shower & before going downstairs to prepare for breakfast then he suddenly passed me a black bag above & I was so surprised! When asked, he told me that he bought it last week during his trip to KL. I found a pair of shoes in the bag... purple? He said I do not have purple in my collection yet... hehehe the fashion is a bit conservative for me but because it comes from my darling I will sure wear them. Thank-you darling... I love you so much!....hehehe sorry lah viewers, deviated from kitchen story this time....

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  1. Salam.. Bertuah Kak Alongroz dapat suami yg romantik & manjakan isteri. Hope akak sekeluarga berbahagia ke akhor hayat..


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