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Monday, May 10, 2010

Roti Saj

Lately you can find Roti Saj in many houses.... I was fascinated by it too so I gave a try yesterday for breakfast & the result was very good soft bread-like texture. It is so easy to cook it on a griddle which was done in minutes. Since I was run out of chicken, I cooked Sardine Sambal as accompanion.... eeeemmmh.... delicious combination!

Source (with compliments): Ummi who took from Madiha (HomeKreation courtesy for English translation)
(Makes 10 pieces)
1 tbsp Instant Yeast*
1 tbsp Condensed Milk*
1 1/2 cup Warm Water*
1/2 tsp Salt* (* mixed)
3 1/2 cup Flour (I used 5 cups because it was runny and still quite a soft dough)

1. Add liquid to flour & knead until smooth.
Let it rest for 1 hour until doubled.

2. Punch the dough & divide into 10 pieces.
(I purposely did not knead well & hence there are big holes in the texture like the photo above)
Coat each with flour or oil (I did mine with flour).
Flatten each & cook on griddle until brown on both sides.

3. Serve with curry or your preferred dish.


  1. Looks pretty good. The surface of the roti looks so crispy

  2. I made that not long ago too. With 100% whole wheat flour. It was not bad. I read somewhere in your blog that you like whole wheat bread. So, you might like it too.

  3. Wendy,
    It taste good too...

    Yes, I like whole wheat rotis. Thanks for the tips.

  4. salam kak roz,
    ish2..saya pun nak roti saj! best betul nampak roti ni. nak buat tak jadi2 lagi. hihi. tumpang roti saj ngan kuah sadin kak roz. best!

  5. I have tried something like that which is known as korean pancake, but there is filling inside. I love this fluffy bread and I think I would make this too :) Thankyou so much for sharing!

  6. Indah,
    Wsalam. Buat lah Indah, jgn tunggu2, sementara musim roti saj tgh hot2 ni...sedap tau mkn panas2...hehe.

    I've been thinking to make this with redbean filling next time. Must be good... :p

  7. You should definitely try the whole wheat version.
    I'm crazy about wholewheat bread especially those that requires overnight fermentation. You can just taste the natural sweetness from the flour with overnight fermentation.

    One of these days, I'm gonna try to adapt soaked whole grain method with your Oat Bread recipe. Your recipe has higher oats to flour ratio than any recipe I've seen before.


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