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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I baked a cake for my hubby which came out from the oven only just now & that is the reason why this late entry - I was hoping to display the cake with the greeting. This year we did not buy him anything for his birthday and Father's Day.... he bought some tapioca and asked me to bake his favourite cake and he said that will be good enough as a gift... (so modest...). I tried to use my expensive bundt pan for the second time and again failed to get the cake out nicely. I should have learnt my lesson and not taking the risk that the cake may not come out in whole nicely but... yeah... my mistake. So only a piece of cake below for your eyes... To see the whole nice cake, check here.

Back to the subject, special greetings from me & children to my lovingly hubby, LJ. I will not spell out the greetings here as that is specially dedicated to him and has been delivered first thing in the morning in person. In short, we love you so much and many thanks for everything you've done for us. Also, not forgetting, al-fatihah & al-ikhlas for my arwah dad.
 Here is my bundt pan which cost me more than RM100 but so useless... I followed the instruction obediently to grease the cake generously & floured and also let the cake cool in the pan for 20 minutes before turning it out but did not seem to help at all. Anyone has tips on how to get the cake nicely out of it in whole shape, please drop me a message & will appreciate very much.


  1. I read that one should overturn the cake, and let it fall off on its own. And also use high protein flour not regular flour to flour the pan.

    Is that a Nordicware?

    I saw this cake on MatGebu's too. I was so so tempted to make it, but I'll wait... wait for pretty yellow tapiocas cos I don't want to use food colouring. I can imagine the smell of the cake, with condensed milk.

    Oh ya, talking abt condensed milk, I saw the Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk when i went shoppin today. Jusco put it so high up in the shelves and only had a small part of the shelf for it. There are 2 brands, one is cap teko and the other f&N, like you told me, but both made by the same Factory, but distributed under different brands, price also the same, RM3.
    I grabbed one tin :)

  2. Salam along...
    cute bundt pan tu...xpe kalau x leh guna utk baking tapi boleh guna buat agar2 or puding lapis mesti cantik shape agar2 tu nanti...he he

  3. Hi Kak,

    Have you tried greasing the pan using the spray can type of grease which normally sells in the bakeware stores. Sometimes these type might help rather than greasing with butter. Although it's quite costly compared to butter. Good Luck!!

  4. Wendy,
    Thanks for the tips. It is Wilton bakeware & a heavy non-stick cast iron material.
    If you don't like to add color, can just skip & it will still look nice.

    Lovely Kitchen,
    Wsalam Ena. Silap2 agar2 pun melekat...haha. But thanks for the idea.

    Yes, I think I will try the spray next time. Someone also wrote to me via email advising the same. When I read the instruction in the tin label, indeed it was supposed to use spray instead of butter. Thanks for sharing.


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