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Saturday, July 31, 2010

hehe... Me Again

heheee... sorry, it's me again. Mommy asked me to do special posing today for Auntie Norjanah who gave me this beautiful pink dress.... but as usual mommy complained that it is so challenging to get nice still picture - see the above pictures then you know what she meant.

To Auntie Norjanah, sorry to keep you waiting but I love this dress. Thanks so much .... mmmmuah2 & hug2 for you from me & mommy.

To all aunties out there, mommy said I can take over the food posting for a while and play with all of you.... jangan boring dah ya...hehe.


  1. wah, dah beso anak dara Along ni....sooo cute in pink dress!Liana, stand still please so that mama can get a very nice pic of u for all aunties out there!

  2. Salam.. Hi Kak Alongroz.. alahai comelnya Liana.. Dah pandai bergaya.. posing banyak2 sikit sebab ramai auntie2 yg suka tengok Liana pose..

  3. Salam liana,
    Oh.. takpe. bagi mummy rehat dlu. kita main sama2 ya? ;)

  4. hai, are u sarawakian? cute lil' girl u got there..

  5. Pricessofexoticbeauty,
    Hai! I'm half Sarawakian - I meant I'm married to one....

  6. wonder..i love reading ur blogs..mcm pure sarawakian..


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