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Monday, October 4, 2010

Kampung Style Fried Fish

 My friend, Mal gave me a huge fish weighted more than 2kg (called "Ikan Kipas" which literally translated as "Fan Fish"). This is the second time she gave me the same fish because she knows that my hubby & I love it but this type of fish is rarely been sold in the normal fish market, so whenever she happen to find it she bought it for us as a gift. Thanks so much dear for your thought....

The fish was so fresh and my hubby's favourite is kampung style deep fried for this type of fish. My two sons enjoyed it very much too.

Source: HomeKreation
Several pieces of cut fish
Fresh Turmeric*
Shallots* (* pounded) 
Chili Paste

Rub fish with all ingredients.
Deep fry above medium-small fire until cooked.
Dish out & ready!!

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