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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kuih Talam Gandum

 This has been my favourite since I was a kid  but I haven't found a good recipe until I tried this one. Segala pujian buat tuan punya resepi kerana kongsi resepi yang marbeles ni. I had success just in one trial (in the past most of my attempt in making kuih talam was not so satisfactory). Perfect texture & taste just like what it should be.... awesome!! A perfect texture is a bit gooey and yet firm & non-sticky to touch and as to the taste the top & bottom to be complementary to each other - moderately sweet bottom layer with creamy top...!
I found the resepi from Bdaria blog but the original recipe is from MyResepi by MamaKastamTioman. Thanks a million to both of you....!! Minta izin kongsi resepi kat sini.....

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Bdaria and original owner MR_MamaKastam
Makes 8" round (half of original recipe)

1 1/4 cup Plain Flour
1/4 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Palm Sugar Syrup (boil 250g Palm Sugar & 1 c Water) 
2 cup Thin Coconut Milk

2 cup Thick Coconut Milk
3/4 cup Plain Flour
3/4 tsp Salt

1. Heat up steamer. Grease tin.

2. Mix all bottom layer ingredients & steam 20 min.
Dry surface with kitchen towel & scrape with fork.

3. Mix all top layer ingredients & pour on top of the bottom layer.
Steam 30 min & open the cover & let the fire on for another 30 min to dry up the surface.
Off fire & cool the kuih completely before cutting.

Untuk Bahasa Malaysia, sila tekan link di atas.


  1. wow this looks so delicate and delicious...wonderful idea to use palm sugar this way...and healthy too...


  2. Hi,

    The dish looks new to me but looks so yummm..wonderful...:)Visit me when you find time...:)


  3. Salam.. Kak Along, tentang entri tu.. Nur tak pasti sama ada kisah benar ataupun tak. Harap kita semua dapat ambil pengajaran daripadanya.

    Sedapnya kuih talam ni.. nak sikit.. hehe

  4. cantikk nya!!!cm buat tak pernah jadi.Insyallah nak cuba resepi ni.Thanks ya:)

  5. Ros. Cantiklah talam tu. licin dan kemas je tekstur dia. Nampak menarik sangat.

  6. I totally agree with shouldn't be too sticky...
    Dulu kantin sekolah lama jual extra sticky kuih talam...goodness me! You should see how the kuih stick to each other!
    I'll bookmark this and try to make this one day!

  7. Satya, Dr. Sameena,
    This is Malay's traditional delicacy - so easy to try & am sure you'll be amazed.

    Tersentuh hati baca cerpen tu. hehe, kuih dah abis, sedap sangat tak sempat nak simpan.

    Along pun dulu selalu fail kalau buat kuih talam tapi yg ni senang je.

    Along tunggu betul2 sejuk baru potong sbb tu nampak kemas tapi yg masih panas rasanya lagi sedap cuma comot sikit - famili along suka yang panas2.

    I think the sticky one uses tapioca/sago flour which I did try & just threw away at the end.

  8. santeknya kuih talam tu..mcm nak capai jak sepotong..sure sedap!

  9. Hi,

    Can I make into Kuih Talam........yum my favourite


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