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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chicken Masak Asam Kunyit (Chicken in Sour Turmeric Broth)

 I have a bad habit which you all shouldn't follow - I just love chicken with its skin on although I know the chicken skin isn't healthy.... This dish is supposed to be a healthy dish.... so if you wanna try this recipe, skip the skin....
1/2 Chicken - cut to pieces
2 Red Chilies*
Some Chili Padi*
4 Shallots*
1 clove Garlic*
1" Ginger*
2" Fresh Turmeric* or 1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 Tomato* (* blended)
1 Lemongrass - bruised
1 piece Dried Tamarind (Asam Gelugor)
1/2 pot Water
1 tsp Sugar

Place all ingredients in a pot & boil until chicken is cooked.
..........ready! Is it not simple...?


  1. salam alongg...wawaaaa yg ini mat gebu suka...masuk list dulu yeaa...kalau ada asam2 ni kan, tgk nama resipi je dah mula kecurr..hehe


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