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Monday, December 13, 2010

Beef & Potato Samosa

 I've been craving for this type of samosas for long time. I used to enjoy the best samosa of all from a Pakistan restaurant in Bayswater during my student time. The popiah skin has been sitting in my freezer over a month now and finally get to be eliminated from my to-do list. I've created the filling hoping to be as close possible to the taste from the Pakistan restaurant and I think it is very close enough - at least enough to satisfy my cravings for the samosas.... hehe...I'm happy! Even my hubby said "emmmmm...." while having his first bite.
Recipe Owner: Roz@HomeKreation
Makes 36 pieces
12 pieces Popiah Skin 8.5" sq
150g Minced Beef
4 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic*
1 tsp Cumin*
1 tsp Fennel Seeds*
1 tsp Black Pepper* (* pounded) 
1 Big Onion - diced 
1 Green Chili - sliced 
1 tsp Curry Powder
2 potato - peeled & cut 4 & boiled 
Mixed Frozen Vegetables
Chinese Celery / Coriander

1. Heat up some oil & fry the pounded ingredients until fragrant.
Add in curry powder, big onion, green chili & salt.
Add in minced beef & stir well.
Add in Potato & mixed veg.
Mashed the potato a bit with spatula while stirring to mix well.
2. Cut each of popiah skin into 3 strips.
Place a spoon of filling & roll into triangle shape.
Seal the edge with flour paste.
See below.
3. Deep fry until crispy.
Serve with chili sauce.

I made them quite a lot, enough to share with all of you.....hehe.


  1. buat minum petang mmg best nih...

  2. Super yummy samosa kak!!! Shall sub the beef with chicken...hehe ;)

  3. Prety samosa, looks crispy and yummy! Thanks for sharing the photo-steps on how to fold samosa, it's very useful.


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