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Monday, December 27, 2010

Special 280th Follower

After returned from KK, I was so surprise to discover my 280th follower is Chef Zaidah... a celebrity chef who appeared in many television programmes since 20 years ago and still active & popular until now! I jumped high with excitement, feel very honored because she is my idol chef...!

In the old days (back in the early 90s) when there was no internet, television was my favourite source for recipes and cooking. Chef Zaidah was my number one favourite because of her sincerity in sharing accurate recipes and lots of tips for successful cooking. I always get ready with pen & paper to follow her programme every week and her simple presentation helped me to capture most of the recipes/tips without fail. Thanks so much chef for your dedication in the culinary world and be follower to my humble blog.

Refer here to go to Chef Zaidah's blog.


  1. Wahhh bes kan idol chef follow!!! ;)

    I happened to drop by at her blog some time back but I didn't see much updates for long time. Hope she's back!!! :D

  2. Tahniah ye Kak Alongroz..Bukan senang nak dpt peluang mcm ni.. Mesti banggakan..


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