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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tapioca Traditional Pancake (Lempeng Ubikayu)

 I am terribly sleepy while typing this post..... exhausted after long day in the office, doing house chores after returning home and of course entertaining Liana & the boyz. Many thanks for those who drop by and left comment and much apology for not returning your visit soon - will find time to do so.

I made Lempeng Pisang (Banana Traditional Pancake) earlier on & Wendy told me that she eaten something similar but made of tapioca in her old school days. I could straight away imagined it and gave it a try here. The outcome is really awesome & really delicious!
Sorry, I didn't measure when I made it but just throw the ingredients into the bowl.... Here is a guide how I made it.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
1 bowl Grated Tapioca
2-3 tbsp Palm Sugar Powder
Grated Coconut + a pinch of Salt + 1 tbsp Sugar
Banana Leaves

1. Mix grated tapioca with palm sugar to taste.
2. Spread 1 scoop on a piece of banana leaf.
3. Spread 1 tbsp of grated coconut on top & fold.
4. Place on a hot griddle & flip after browned.
5. Served after both sides are cooked.

Along tak sukat waktu, sukatan kat bawah ni untuk panduan - pandai2 ler adjust ikut rasa....

1 mangkuk Ubikayu sagat
2-3 sb Gula Merah
Kelapa Parut + secubit Garam + 1sb Gula
Daun Pisang

1. Campurkan ubikayu & gula secukup rasa.
2. Letakkan sesenduk ke atas daun pisang.
3. Ratakan 1 sb kelapa & lipat dua.
4. Bakar atas kuali leper & baliikan apabila garing.
5. Hidang apabila kedua2 belah sudah masak.


  1. Hey Roz, your family is so blessed to have you preparing all the yummiliciou food & snacks everyday. You're a fantastic lady!


  2. Wendy,
    It was on my mind all the time after you told me... so have to quickly make otherwise "kempunan" lah...hehe. Glad I made it... so nice!

    Thanks Alice for the nice words. I actually like to make something easy & quick as that's all I can afford in term of time unless it is in the weekeneds.

  3. yum yum sedap nye .... mane mummy nak cari daun pisang ni kat SG, Ubi pon payah nak cari ni.... but this week must cari lah sedap betoi ni must try.... thanks Along


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