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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bingka Keladi (Baked Yam Kuih)

 I've been looking for yam with no success until few days ago when I found very fresh quality and reasonable price (RM4/kg). I bought one piece yam weighted 1 kg and my baking project started this morning. I had been thinking about Bingka Keladi but found only two recipes in the internet. The one I tried here produced delicious bingka after slight modification and just like what I was craving for.....very yammy! If you don't believe it, see how much Liana is enjoying it...emmmm so nyummy with her eyes closed....hehehe....

The original recipe calls for the yam to be purified finely & strained but I like mine chunky. You can modify the texture to your liking.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: here
(translated into English & modify the method slightly to produce chunky texture)
Makes 9" sq
6 (size AA) Eggs
250g Sugar
200g Flour
1 tsp Salt
30g Butter
800ml Coconut Milk
500g Yam (cubed & steamed) 
3 drops Purple Colouring (I don't like putting a lot) 

1. Place egg & sugar in a food processor & process until smooth.
Add in flour & salt & process until smooth
Add in colour & butter & process again.
Add in coconut milk & yam & process to the required texture.
I like mine with chunky yam.

2. Stir mixture above low heat until slightly warm & the mixture start to thicken.

3. Line tin with aluminium foil & grease well.
Pour mixture & bake 180C for 40-50 minutes until cooked & top is browned. 

Resepi asal tekstur kuih yg licin tapi Along tukar tekstur yang lebih kasar & ada ketulan keladi. Tadi bawa ke rumah kawan, ramai yg cakap sedap. My hubby pun makan tak henti2, best kata nya.

Source: sini
(Resepi telah di ubah suai & di taip semula)
Saiz: 9" persegi
6 biji (saiz AA) Telur
250g Gula Pasir
200g Tepung Gandum
1 st Garam
30g Mentega
800ml Santan
500g Keladi (potong2 & kukus) 
3 titik Pewarna Ungu (Along tak suka bubuh byk) 

1. Kisar, dlm food processor, telur & gula sehingga sebati.
Masukkan tepung, garam & kisar sehingga rata. 
Masukkan pewarna ungu & mentega, kisar lagi.
Masukkan santan & keladi & kisar sehingga sebati.
Terpulang samada anda mahu keladi betul2 hancur atau pun berketul2.

2. Masak bancuhan dgn api kecil sehingga naik wap.

3. Lapik tin dgn aluminium foil & sapu mentega.
Tuangkan adunan & bakar suhu 180C selama 40-50 minit. 


  1. OMG...I love this kuih kak! Gonna tapau some for our tea break today ;)

  2. Salam Kak..bingka ni tentu sedap..ada keladi kasar2 lagi..minta juga sikit

  3. Very interesting baked kuih..

  4. hi, cik ros, im fr sabah & tried quite a few of yr recipes, all turn out great & tasty. ty so much. today, i tried yr "kek sarawak serikaya" (d Black one)turn out more tasty than d 1 i used to get from Sarawak, (he,he, tks agn). I got Q 4 u on how to handle the browning coz it so thick and my cake got this uneven colour. thks & rgds, Chan

  5. Love,
    I sent you more as this kuih is really lovely.

    Wsalam. Sedap & terasa keladi nya. Amik ler, banyak ni.

    You should try, I'm sure you can find the ingredients easily.

    Hi, thanks you for trying & let me know. I'm glad you have been successful. The browning is thick but should dissolved into the mixture if stir well. Sometimes I add 1 tsp hot water to thin it a bit before pouring into cake mixture. Do not use in cake if the browning curdle and caramelised.

  6. olololo...cute nyerrr model kecik tu...skirt & rambut tu match laaa...mcm doll! mintak sikit auntie nk rasa bingka yg mummy buat tu boleh? ;-)

  7. hi, cik ros, thks & will follow yr adv on my future baking 4 d abv cake. I got 1 more Q, im thinking 2 buy an electric steamer & wondering if it can b use 2 steam continuously 4-hours long of kek sarawak. Thks & rgds, Chan

  8. Inaku79,
    Kesian Liana kena jadi model Bingka Keladi, tak glamour pun...hehe.

    Hi, sorry I don't have electric steamer so cannot help you on your question. Suggest you check the manual, I'm sure it can be used for long hours as most electric equipment should be able to.


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