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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Northern Kampung Fish Curry

 I was thinking about something really hot for dinner and recalled that my grandma used to cook one type of curry every time we went back kampung (I was in primary school age then) which was my father's favourite. I'm not sure how that was cooked but remember red chili added into the curry. So I tried it with trial & error but the taste not even close but quite nice anyway.
By: Roz@HomeKreation
Several pieces cut Fish
3 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic*
2 Red Chilies*
Some Chili Padi* (* pounded) 
2 sprigs Curry Leaves
1 Lemongrass - bruised 
2 tbsp Curry Powder - mix with some water 
1/2 pot Coconut Milk
2 pieces Dried Tamarind

1. Heat up some oil & stir fry pounded ingredients, curry leaves & lemongrass until fragrant.
Add in curry paste & stir fry until oil surfaced out.
Add in coconut milk, salt & let it boil while stirring frequently.
Add in fish & tamarind pieces.
Let it boil until fish is cooked. Stir frequently.

2. Serve with white rice.

Kari kampung ala orang Utara.....

Beberapa ketul Isi Ikan
3 ulas Bwg Merah*
2 ulas Bwg Putih*
2 biji Cili Merah*
Chili Padi* (* tumbuk) 
2 tangkai Daun Kari
1 btg Serai - di ketuk
2 sb Serbuk Kari - bancuh dgn air
1/2 periuk Santan
2 Asam Keping

1. Panaskan minyak & tumis bhn2 tumbuk*, daun kari & serai sehingga wangi.
Masukkan pes kari & kacau sehingga keluar minyak.
Masukkan santan, garam & biar mendidih sambil di kacau selalu.
Masukkan ikan & asam keping.
Biar menggelegak sehingga ikan betul2 masak sambil di kacau selalu.

2. Hidangkan dgn nasi putih.


  1. Hello Roz, waaa, ada Northern kampong fish curry? Never heard or makan before. Not even a Southern or Central one.
    Northern means Alor Star or Chang Lun dekat Thai border?
    By the way, apa ikan tu?

    I love the colour....but takut bila masuk mulut kena chabut put face under tap? Chili padi ke chili kampong you use....?
    But it sure looks a tiga pinngan nasi lichin best.
    How many pinggan hubby had?

    I must ask my isteri to try, but call it, 'Sunset Rendezvous fish curry', ha ha ha. If say 'Northern', people here think either the Yukon or Arctic...
    Have a pleasant weekend, keep a song in your heart.

  2. Roz, Ooops, da lupa, no chance to eat, as no bus to your place, so I copied the gambar....tengok la bila saya naik angin, ha ha.
    Berapa saya outang tu teh tarek lambong tinggi? Haha.

  3. Salam Roz, lama Kak tak singgah, tenguk aje Kari Ikan terus datang. Memang favorite Kak nie, Kari Utara. Yum...Yum...

  4. Hello Uncle Lee,
    Ini kari manyak pedas... lepas makan boleh terbang ooo. I'm from Taiping so considered Northern part lah. Hahaha I like your renamed are so witty! Waaa... you outang banyak, make sure you book a ticket to buy me the outang teh tarek....haha.

    Bring you delicious roti along to eat with this curry....hehe.

    Wsalam. Maceh singgah, maaf ya, Along pun tak sempat nak bw, cuma at night je baru dpt ngadap pc jap.

  5. Uncle Lee,
    Just remember you had a question that I forgot to answer. Not sure what the name of the fish lah, I call it Ikan Kipas (the shape is like pomfret) - I bought one fish weighted 4kg - it is my favorite fish.


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