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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three-Flavour Mixed Vegetables

 ..... mixed vegetables cooked in tasty three-flavour sauce. Even though vegetables are not amongst my two sons' favourite dish, this particular one is exceptional. I can cook a big bowl of this and serve along another simple dish of fried fish/chicken, the whole bowl will be cleaned up for sure....hehe.
By: Roz@HomeKreation
3 cloves Garlic*
1-2 Red Chilies* (* pounded) 
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp Hoi Sin Sauce
1/2 tbsp Plum Sauce
1-2 tbsp Soy Sauce
Mixed Veg (Carrot, Cauliflower, Leek, long cabbage, dried mushroom, mustard leaves, etcs)

1. Heat up 2 tbsp oil & stir fry pounded ingredients* until fragrant.
2. Add in all the sauces, 1 cup water, salt & let boil.
3. Add in the mix vegetables. Cook another 1-2 minutes & dish out.
Serve with white rice.

Lauk sayuran kegemaran se isi keluarga dgn campuran tiga perisa yang enak.... cuba lah.

3 ulas Bwg Putih*
1-2 Cili Merah* (* tumbuk) 
2 sb Oyster Sauce
1 sb Hoi Sin Sauce
1/2 sb Plum Sauce
1-2 sb Kicap
Sayur Campurg (Karot, Bunga Kobis, Leek, Kobis Panjang, cendawan kering, sawi, dll)

1. Panaskan 2 sb minyak & tumis bhn tumbuk*.
2. Masukkan kesemua jenis sos, 1 cwn air, garam & biar menggelegak.
3. Masukkan sayuran. Masak 1-2 minit & hidangkan dgn nasi putih.


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