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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Water Spinach in Spicy Soy Bean Paste (Kangkung Masak Taucu Pedas)

......delicious vegetable dish with added chili soy bean paste. I purposely cooked it with extra gravy because my kids love it that way. The veg dish was served along simple Crispy Fried Grouper, Turmeric Prawns and Sambal Quinin.... I can eat 3 plates of rice with these dishes...haha!
 Below is my huge crispy Grouper (Ikan Kerapu). The fish weighted 1.2kg before get cleaned but not enough to serve 4 of us as my two boys just love it so much. This type of fish is a must buy everytime I found fresh ones in the market. A simple deep fried would be lovely or served with sweet sour sauce. My BIL calls this fried fish "Ikan Terbang" (Flying Fish) due to its look & the way it get sliced & opened.


  1. Never cooked water spinach this way,inviting dish..

  2. Hi Roz, looking at your food pics makes me think I should have married one Malay wife, one Chinese! Ha ha ha.

    Love your this kangkong dish....I dapat the lovely smell from where I am....
    This dish is a sure tiga pinggan lichin!
    Ada sambal belachan? Ha ha.

    And that fried grouper....betul garing tu looking at it.
    I bring chopsticks next time I come.
    I think your hubby cannot wait to come home from work every evening....

    If I am staying nearby, I bring durians to your house, then get your invitation, come for dinner, ha ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  3. salam kak long,
    nampak sgt sedap...

  4. Priya,
    Something different eh...

    Menu biasa2 je tapi kena dgn mood & selera....hehe

    Uncle Lee,
    hahaha can kah like that, you very clever haa...
    Got got sambal belacan + buah Quinin (you know this buah? looks like mango but have lovely smell) - I also had 3 pinggan myself...hehe.
    How I wish you are my neighnour, just for kangkung dish I can get durian...waaaa untung lah...hehehe. ok, next time come with chopstick & don't forget buah durian...hehe.

    Wsalam. Lauk biasa jer tapi memang sedap pun...hehe.


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