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Monday, March 21, 2011

Awards from Jasmine Sweetylicious

More awards and this time from dearie Jasmine from Sweetylicious. Thanks so much for your thought and friendship. You have been very supportive and much appreciated.

The awards came with questions - Share 7 random things about yourself
1. I'm short but walk very fast. I drive very fast too (but obey the speed limit).
2. My favourite colors are red, green and any other light color. I hate wearing bright blue dress but love light blue.
3. I baked for other people (hubby/kids/friends) more than for my own self.... (that explains why the fat is not on me...hehe).
4. When I was in secondary school my nick name was "Kak Janet".... (oooo I miss my old friends)
5. I'm allergy to prawns & fresh milk but ok to consume when diluted with other ingredients.
6. I didn't like jogging before but after watching Biggest Looser my perspective changes. I was so much inspired by their determination that I told my self that I should try too no matter how hard that is. Now I started jogging at least once a week with determination to keep myself healthy at this age. If I don't start now I probably will never get started.
7. I love to sleep and my hubby said I sleep like a baby.

My appreciation goes to all the linked blogs and you are welcome to receive the awards too.

1 comment:

  1. Roz, you're most welcome (: CONGRATS! (: i really enjoyed reading your blog with those lovely bakes and dishes that you whipped up (: im so glad to know you (: psst, i enjoyed reading the random things of yourself. let me know a little more about the nice roz that i know (:


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