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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ciplak in The Borneo Post - Can We Do Something?

 Today I was shocked by news received from a friend via SMS. I have telephone line problem and therefore the SMS was received two days late. I was informed by a friend of another unethical conduct infringing copyright and publishing my photo taken from my blog without permission. With undue respect of existence of bloggers and right of ownership, this has been repeatedly happening to many bloggers including myself. The most disappointing, infringing copyright and unethical conduct is not just committed by individuals in the cyberworld (who could be uneducatedly ignorance) but has also been committed by reputed publishers in this country. I have written to the newspaper demanded their apology on this matter and hopefully they will act professionally.  I'm also hoping they will take action to stop recurrence or at least simply asking for permission and return the credits appropriately - not sure why that is so difficult. Actually most bloggers will be delighted to get theirs published by the media and will give consent if asked.

Check the newspaper dated Friday, March 18, 2011 page 18 of HOME. Also check my earlier post on Fried Mee Hailam here for reference.

My regret is that our effort and sacrifice are not appreciated at all. I guess the other photo at top is also a Ciplak (confirmed it is... just got an email from the owner).

What shall we bloggers do to stop this kind of thing.... bingung lah.
Show your support by feedback to them in their website here.


  1. our media so uneducated?? felt for you my friend..

  2. saman jer depa tu...sesuke ati jer amek gmbo org..sekurang2nya mintaklah izin dlu kan..kan..kan

  3. OMG.. agak2 laa nk ciplak pon. but they are no-pro.. kalau pro sure dh padam watermark tu.. shud be ashamed of themselves!

  4. Along bole ambil tindakan sbb tak minta izin. Geramnya!

  5. mcm tak de perasaan bersalah betol la kan..selamba je ambek hak orang and published without giving credit to the owner...
    u better call them dear...

  6. salam along.. aduhhhh.. tak abis2!! pedih hati tiap kali tengok citer yg sama tp kali ni publish dlm paper..dulu lydia@skyblue pun kena 2x gak.. bila la org2 ni nak sedar dan insaf ek..

    sian along, nor faham sgt apa along rasa.. mudah2an semua ni dpt settle dgn cepat dan cara terbaik cam nor kena aritu..

  7. sabo yer dik... sekurang2nya masih ada watermark homekreation tu. Kiranya orang tahu tu gambar dr blog along... salah editor, salah wartawan...

    kita bako jer !!!

  8. Salam Along

    Amboi senang2 je org tu nak promote restoren curi gambar dr blog Along.dah sah2 ada watermark Along punya.rasanya pemilik restoren supreme chicken ni yg curi gambar2 Along dan bagi kat wartawan....claim dia punya. mmg tak beretika...
    sabar ya Along....cadang Along call je Borneo post atau restoren tu...biar diorg sedar tak patut copy gambar punya.

  9. uishhhhh dah terang2 ader watermark tuh takkan la editor tuh tak semak sblm cetak! teruk btol la... sabo long sabo...nnti darwish jd otomen nak fire fire itu olang! kekekeke

  10. Omg...another unprofessional act! Kinda fed up with this kan kak? I hope you don't lose patience in getting your rights. They shld atleast apologize for this. In other hand, I'm happy to see your watermark still there. promo dear. ;)

  11. Hi Roz, this is very wrong, and you are right in bringing it to the media's attention.
    There are unethical, unscrupulous people around.....
    And get the press to put out an apology.
    I suggest you get a friend who is an IT expert to help you protect your pics, by putting tracking cookies as well other security precautions. It can be done.
    Best regards. Lee.

  12. this is really serious !do you hav a "all rights reserved "copyright for all your recipes and fotos ?

  13. Salam.. Sabar ye Kak Alongroz. Memang akak berhak bertindak atas perkara ni. Patutnya mereka ni prihatin tentang perkara2 seperti ni. Tapi suratkhabar tu secara tak langsung tolong promote blog akak jugak.

  14. Salam...

    Been ur silent reader for a while..just an opinion to share on what can you do in this case.

    From ur n3, i know that u've already send the letter kn? U deserve a compensation btw..whereby, If they did not do necessary retraction, you can lodge a police report and after that file the case. Then your lawyer will discuss dgn their lawyer whether to settle it outside the court with a sum of compensation. Go do it everyone will buka mata n wont take bloggers' work sesuka hati..

  15. Salam Along...adoiii mcm2 diaorg nasib ada lagi watermark Along tu kan...leh gak promote...cuma tu la kan...niat x menghalalkan cara...caranya je x kena...eeemmm..

  16. call them up long...kalau tak ngaku, then baru saman...

  17. aiyo:(tak suka la camni kan...tak habis habis kes ambil gambar tanpa izin:(

  18. Hi Roz,
    tak sure maybe boleh lodge complaint dekat MCMC/Suruhanjaya Komunikasi Multimedia Malaysia.. ada online complaint besides that lodge a police report..

    dah lerr sah2 ada watermark kat picture tu..guna utk promote business plak tu..terang-terangan against intellectual property right.. boleh saman masuk court..

    apologize alone is not enough.. because they can apologize and do again to other bloggers and apologize again..
    jangan lupa kumpul semua bukti..

  19. Hi All,
    TQ for your support & suggestion. For the sake of all bloggers' right, I have taken some action and will share the outcome/progress.

    Kekawan Semua,
    TKasih atas sokongan & cadangan. Along dah ambil tindakan bukan saja utk diri Along sendiri tapi bagi pihak kesemua blogger yg selalu di ambil kesempatan oleh pihak lain. Nanti Along akan kongsikan tidak-balas yg di terima. Buat waktu ini, tindak-balas yg di terima agak kurang puas-hati & Along telah ambil tindakan susulan. Harapan agar berkesan.


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