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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Europe Day 5 & 6 in Netherland

 We left Germany on day 4 at 11pm (delayed by 30 min) by bus and reached Amsterdam at about 6am in the morning. It was not a comfortable night sleep - the bus stopped several times during the journey and it was not driven fast unlike buses in Malaysia, so I can give it a compliment for its good safety precaution. We planned to take a train to Voorschoten at 6.30am but unfortunately the ticket counter was closed. We were stucked there for more than an hour waiting for the ticket counter to open and furthermore the ticket machines only accept coins and local bank cards. Unbelievable system, who will carry so much coins..... we needed €17! Quarter past 7am, the counter was still not open so we checked for taxi and it asked for more than €100....? I have to come up with another solution and approached a stranger to help us buying the tickets using his local bank card and reimbursed him cash for it. This is one of the many challenging stories we faced in the Europe tour....
We finally safely arrived at Cik Ja's house in Voorschoten in that morning. After shower, we had breakfast (murtabak, popiah, etc) and then took a nap until noon. I was so happy we had rice & curry (missed rice so much) for lunch...hehe. The first place we visited in Netherland was Keukonhof. My mouth was one meter wide opened admiring hundreds of species of gorgeous tulips and some other flower varieties. Here I share few of them.....

Amsterdam canal visit on day 6

Day 6, Cik Ja took us to SH's house, Delf, Amsterdam flea market, Red Street and Louis Vuitton.
My lunch: Tagliatelle in Creamy Musroom Sauce (very very delicious... thinking to try to make this one day)

Cik Liz had a simple tomato & cheese pizza but the bread texture & aroma is superb.

Cik Ja had Pineapple Pancake - tastes unusually delicious - something I want to try to make also....hehe

We left Amsterdam the next day afternoon and reached Malaysia a day after. So altogether it was a nine day trip. I had very adventurous experience for the whole week and happy to be able to catch up with some friends too. Can't thanks enough all of them for very caring hospitality especially to Helge, Cik Ja and families. Many thanks to SH and Fathirah too. Hope we will meet again one day. The trip was definitely a great break from my daily life and now am glad to be back  home and works. Liana, brothers and hubby were so happy to have me home again. We missed each other terribly.....


  1. along..kenapa laa agaknya dorg guna sistem gitu yg pasti menyusahkan pelancong kan..sibbaik ade yg sanggup tolong ek?

    apa2pun bunga2 itu sungguh cantikkkkk..*pengsan!
    kak ina(hana) n kak nor mesti pengsan sama tgk nih..hehe

    yg Tagliatelle in Creamy Musroom Sauce tu along try n error yer..nanti dah siap2 resepi kitorg lak try..kekeke..
    thanks along 4 the lovely stories..*baru nak patah balik n3 yg terlepas nih

  2. Apa tak show bag?!!!! Hahaha...kidding! Anyway it was lovely seeing you, hope you come back again while I am here :) Cik Ja.

  3. canteknye bunge2 berikut... penkek nenas tu nmpak sedaplah.. along nanti buat eksperimen tau..klo jadi, kite pon nk cube.. pepun, tengsutk menu ikan ngan sambal bunge kantantu..btol2 menngamit selera..ehehehe

  4. Wow tulips, real feast to eyes.

  5. Love the romantic scenery, and the tulips .... so so beautiful!

  6. Assalamulaikum Along

    Miss you forever.. muahhh! ct baru jer balik ke Dapur CT tak sampai sebulan tu Along. Tu pun dah kena pujuk rayu banyak akli baru ada mood nak memasak balik.. hihihi

    I jeles tau tengok gambo2 along semua ni. Entah bilalah dapat jalan2 cuci mata dan poket CM tu.. hahaha.

    Tak ada oleh2 dar Che CT ker along.. miahahahaha

  7. home sweet home kan along.. fuhhhhh.. abis dah citer berapa episod ek?? hehe

    mmg melopong tengok all the tulips tu..manyak2 cantik.. tak bawak balik ke dua tiga dozen utk nor? tulips mmg bunga pebret nor la.. ish.. syoknyer boleh berada kat hamparan tulips kan along..
    haha.. mek sue pun tau nor suka tulip! hehee give me 5 sue! :)


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