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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What cookies is this?

 Haja & Aishah.... after a long waiting, here is the outcome of the recipe that I tried from the magazine you lent me but it did not turn out as expected.... the meringue went flat... the nestum cookies is not bad but could have been better. The meringue did not fluffed up after been beaten for more than 3 minutes - not sure what went wrong - either the meringue powder is no longer functioning or too much water in the recipe or I used a wrong technique..... Anyway, thanks to both of you for sharing the recipe, may be I should try again....

For those who have not tasted it, this cookies is a top seller in Sarawak for the past few years. It is really light and nice but recipe is not easily shared. My friend, Haja found the recipe in a magazine which he asked me to test but unfortunately did not turn-out successfully. I will not share the recipe yet until I get successful with it.


  1. is ice nestum..sort of similar to mama caries...
    Rozinah, I think you kena bawak to office la esok for me to try it..then, you'll get certified..haha..

    Takpe2, boleh cuba lagi..kalau nak meringue lagi, bagitau..nanti kita belikan..Thanks for the credit !!

  2. Wendy,
    Nope, not even close from texture & taste. Mine is a failure and hence look like Mama Carries....:( The meringue supposed to balloon on top of the cookies.

    You pose lah mana leh try kat opis...hehe. BTW is not what we expected lah... I think I need to modify the recipe the next time I try it.

  3. Morning Along cayang,

    tak apa along,boleh cuba lagi..rupa dia nampak macam mariah carey gitu....hehe...

    Ciumkan Liana buat Nur erk...hehe.

  4. ari tu penah cuba this recipi sekali..putih telur & meringue tu kena pukul sampai jadi ringan..kena pukul lama sikit....first taim try masa tu.. tak dpt sama mcm kat srwk punya..last yer beli je hehe..thn ni konon nk try x berjaya 100% pun lagi...jugak...kena try lagi nnt..leceh sikit nk wat meringue tu je.


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