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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chocolate French Toast

Many years ago, my friends & I used to visit a club in Lutong which served very nice French Toast for breakfast. Ever since the club restaurant changed hands, there is no more such menu. The bread was sliced quite thick, cooked with quality butter and served with brown sugar.... we all loved it s much! So the only way I could have it is to make my own French Toast.... I made it this morning enriching it with chocolate and cheese filling instead of plain and served it with brown sugar (at the time when I snapped the photos I forgot to pour the brown sugar... :((... so just imagine it yourselves....)
Recipe by: Roz@HomeKreation
Make as many as you like
Wholemeal / Plain Bread Slices
Eggs - beaten 
Chocolate Spread - see here for homemade 
Cheese Spread (optional) 
Light Brown Sugar

1. Spread chocolate on one side of a piece of bread & cheese spread on another.
Place the chocolate bread slice on top of the cheese gluing the two together.
Dip it into beaten egg & place on a heated pan with a dollop of butter.
Sprinkle brown sugar on top.
Flip once to brown both sides.

2. Serve with brown sugar.

Salam Maal Hijrah, semuga kita mendapat berkat daripada doa kita di akhir dan awal tahun ni.... Amin!

Siapa minat French Toast, meh lah join Along..... FT Along siap ada inti coklat & cheese tau.... pekena dgn kopi kaw memang mengasyikkan.... mmmmmmm!

Kepingan Roti Putih / Wholemeal
Telur - pukul dgn garfu
Sapuan Coklat - tengok kat sini kalau rajin nak buat endiri
Cheese Spread (optional) 
Gula Perang

1. Sapu sekeping roti dgn sapuan coklat & sekepng lagi dgn cheese.
Temukan kedua2 keping roti & celup ke dlm telur.
Letak sesudu butter ke dlm kuali leper & letak roti tadi.
Taburkan gula perang.
Balikkan supaya masak di kedua2 belah.

2. Hidangkan dgn gula perang (lupa nak posing dgn gula ni kat gambo...).


  1. salam alongg cayaaang..waduh memalam nih kalu dpt ngap french toast along nih sure kenyang sampai pagi esok ek..hehe!! gudnight along...muaahh!!

  2. Bestnya .. Nur suka sangat. Salam Maal Hijrah buat kak Alongroz.

  3. I can die for this incredible french toast.

  4. salam roz...sedap roti tu..nnti nk try gak..cnp rsp..yer..:)


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