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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet Bird Nest Soup (Sup Sarang Burung)

 A very caring FB friend gave me a box of bird nest which is claimed to be very good for health. I've been waiting for the right time to cook and enjoy this precious gift. I have not tried bird nest so far and therefore chose to cook something simple without adding other ingredients that will spoil its original taste.

I browsed the internet for some tips and most of it requires prolonged soaking and cooking. I ended up doing it my way.... nice warm dessert in the evening! TQ so much friend for your lovely thought!
By: Roz@HomeKreation
Serves 4-5 persons
2 pcs Bird Nest
4-5 cups Water
100g Rock Sugar
1 Pandan Leaf

1. Rinse bird nest with hot water.
2. Place it in slow cooker and add water & rock sugar.
Cook at 'slow' until the bird nest is expanded and soft.
(I left it whole day in the slow cooker)
3. Add in pandan leaf and cook for another hour.
4. Serve as dessert in the evening or anytime.

 Dessert yg berkhasiat, hadiah dari seorang sahabat alam maya..... tq so much dear.

Saiz hidangan: 4-5 mangkuk
2 ketul Bird Nest / Sarang Burung
4-5 cwn Air
100g Gula batu
1 helai Daun Pandan

1. Bilas sarang burung dgn air panas.
2. Letakkan ke dlm slow cooker & masukkan air & gula batu.
Masak dgn setting 'slow' sehingga sarang burung mengembang dan lembut.
(Along biarkan seharian dlm slow cooker)
3. Masukkan daun pandan & masak sejam lagi.
4. Hidangkan sebagai pencuci mulut.


  1. Aslmkum Along.
    Sedap ka kak. Teringin nak rasa jg. :))

  2. Salam kak,
    Tak pernah rasa sup sarang burung, pasti lazat dan berkhasiat.

  3. Wahh bestnya dpt gift sarang burung..! Mahal n berkhasiat..hehe..
    Kmk penah merasa yg air sarang burung dlm tin jak... hee

  4. you can also add in some red dates, also nice wor!

  5. Assalam Along cayang...weeee sup sarang burung ni ummi x pernah eh? Banyak khasiat kan..x tau la boleh masuk ke tekak ummi ke tak ni...hehhee...Happy weekend Along, muaahhh!


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