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Thursday, December 27, 2012

JJCM at Ieera Kitchen aka FB friend

 Malam kelmarin Along, hubby & Liana gi JJCM kat Ieera Kitchen which was belonged to sis Hanifah, my lovely FB friend that we met once last month at our home. Ieera Kitchen ni bertempat kat Taman Seroja ditengah2 kota Miri. Tak pernah pun ke taman selera ni sebelum ni - rupa2 nya ada fresh cooking, seafood dan macam2 lagi.

Sis Hanifah ni baik sangat orang nya dan peramah. Siap buatkan bingka durian untuk Along lagi dan tapao Kerabu Su'un. Kat bawah ni gambar2 makanan yg Along order malam tu... semua nya sedap! Along sebenar nya demam malam tu, selera pun kurang sebab tekak dah pahit tapi dalam demam pun selera juga makan malam tu. Siapa2 kat Miri sila lah ke Ieera Kitchen ya.

TQ so much sis Hanifah for hospitality & hope to meet you again.
Posing bersama toke restaurant

Ketam Goreng Pedas

Kangkung Goreng Belacan

Sup Tulang Tendon

Kerabu Su'un - compliment from chef & siap ada tapao lagi!

Bingka Durian  - buah tangan dari Sis Hanifah


  1. Hello Ros,

    Congrate to you and your husband's 23rd anniversary.

    I enjoy reading your posts and slowly I am re-learning my Malay again. I left Malaysia in 1971. And hardly had the chance to use the language since then, but it is slowly coming back. Reading anyway. Speaking I would not dare!

    I am from Aulong, Taiping. Perhaps there is a kin feelings?

    By the way I live in NL. next time you come my way, visiting your friends of cour, let me know. I would love to take you out for some local food like hering?


    1. Hello Cindy,

      Many thanks for your note. Glad that you find my blog useful. Good to connect with someone from same hometown... I miss Taiping so much. Please drop me your contact or you can also add me in your facebook if you have one. I love to try all sort of food & did try raw herring when I was in Germany
      Thank-you again for your note and stay connected.

  2. sedapnya Along menu-menu yg Along makan..meleleh dah air liur ni...hehehe

    1. Ni yg Along suka dgn Faa ni... mesti tangkap leleh...hehe

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Love. Yeah, good to eat out once in a while, giving myself some break too.

  4. Hi Ros,
    I'm a silent reader of ur blog n hv tried few of ur wonderful recepies. I keje kat brunei n selalu ke miri jjcm gak. Boleh bg direction ke restoran kwn u ni? Tergoda tgk lauk2 nye...yummm. Thanks.


    1. Hi Zara,
      It is in Taman Seroja... not far from Bintang Plaza (where parkson is). If from Lutong to Miri... take right turn at the traffic light in front of the plaza and it is not far after you torn (on left side).


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