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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Menu for Gathering with FB Friends

Main table
 It was nice to meet up some FB friends face-to-face for the first time specially KakMarina from KL and Kak Hanifah who are in the same city... they are such lovely ladies and feel like knowing them long time even though meeting first time! A couple more didn't manage to make it and hope will do so next opportunity.

See below for the menu:

Dessert table

Laksa Sarawak
Upside-Down Pear Chocolate Cake

Cheese Layered Cake

Assorted Fruits

Beautiful Jelly - tq CikTie

Yam Steamed Kuih - tq KakHanifah

Sambal Ikan Tahai - tq KakHanifah

Bubur Pedas - tq CikTie

Bubur Asyura Sarawak - tq CikTie


  1. Cik Roz.

    It is a privilege to bring new frens to your place.
    I like your photo shoots, they are getting very unique each day!

    Cik Tie

    1. CikTie,
      Many thanks to u too - you are always there with me whenever we do this! TQ for ferrying them and delicious food that you brought along!

  2. salam along...wahh best nya...dpt jumpa..nyaman2 jak menu..kita tek bila nk dating...hihii...tebayang2 jak kek lapis cis n pear coklat kek ya....nang nyaman jak rupa....untung kak marina dpt rasa air tgn along..:-)

    1. Wsalam. Insyaallah, mun ada rezki giliran Su pula kelak.

  3. Bila pulak giliran Cm nk jumpa Along ni hehe

  4. Bestkan bila dapat berjumpa dengan rakan2 maya.. Berderet menu memikat selera.. Semuanya hebat memasak rupanya..


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