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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Netherland Edam Cheese

 This morning breakfast was spiral pasta served along toasts and Edam cheese. Our family's favourite pasta is cooked in olive oil and herbs sprinkled with parmesan cheese powder. The Edam cheese was a gift from a Dutch colleague who just joined our team a month ago. He had too much rice since he arrived and lucky enough to return to Holand last week to attend a course and came back with some cheese.... hopefully enough to survive him until the next trip..... LOL (just a teaser....!). The cheese is semi-matured and very tasty... I enjoyed it so much! Thanks Peter! This certainly can save me breakfast preparation for this coming week... hope my eyes will not turn blue....LOL!

I did a mini quiz in facebook and asked my FB friends to guess.... instantly the responses were burger, bread, chocolate and cheese. To win, they have to also guess the type and origin. 
Quiz photo - guess what this is

 Halfway, I gave the full picture of the wrapper as clue.... obviously you can tell it is from Holand - the windmill picture and the language on it speak loudly. If you check Google translator, Kaas means cheese! Now the tricky part is only to guess the type of cheese....

 Boeren Kaas means farmers' cheese... but not quite the answer I was looking for.

At the end I announced two winners:
Tuyot Saftuyah was the only one who guess the cheese type correctly i.e. Edam cheese but did not name the origin.
Delima Zamrud was the most persistent participant who named all types of cheese in the world except Edam but guessed the origin correctly i.e. Belanda (Malay's translation of Holand).
They both were awarded below medal. The game was fun... we all learn something at the end..... including laughter and jokes.


  1. Hhehheheh best tul main teka teki nie kan Along tetiba bagai2 jenis cheese D5 tau hahahha thanks sbb sudi bg medal walau pun xtepat :D...

  2. Salam along...lamanya kita tak ronda ronda kat sini, Baunyak lah entri along tertinggal nanti satu persatu kita lihat ye. Hehe nampak cheese pulak hari nie..

  3. Boeren kaas .. full of flavour. My favourite too. Normally one cannot find boeren kaas with Edam outside of Holland. This Dutch man must have gone out his way to find you one :)



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