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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tartlet Filling II - Strawberry Cheesetart

 This is a similar entry to the one earlier except the sweet filling is strawberry jam in place of durian custard. I've got to split the entries otherwise there will be too long and too many photos. Furthermore, it is easier for anyone looking out for the particular cheesetarts. The job is just a breath if you have the ready made tartlet cases.... may be one day I can start selling the empty cases if there is demand...hahaa... let me think about it.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Ready-Baked Tartlet Pastry - see here for recipe 
250g Cream Cheese
1/4 cup / 50g Caster Sugar
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

1. Beat cream cheese with sugar until soft & smooth.
Add in egg & beat until well mixed.
2. Spoon 1 tsp jam into the pre-baked tartlet pastry.
Pipe cream cheese filling on top.
3. Mix few drop of color to 1 tbsp of cream cheese and use it to draw swirled pattern.
4. Bake at 170C for 5-10 minutes until the surface is firmed to touch.
5. Cool at room temperature and serve chilled.

Ready for baking

My favourite jam

First layer of filling

Seronok buat tart yg comel2 ni.... Kali ni Along buat inti jem strawberry pula di dalam cheesetart. Along suka jem yang organik takda campuran gula. Mudah jer nak buat cheesetart ni jika kulit tart sudah sedia ada.... kalau nak order kulit tart ni boleh lah kot.... kalau masa mengizinkan.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Tartlet Pastry yg sudah siap di bakar - resipi ada di sini
250g Cream Cheese
1/4 cwn / 50g Gula Kastor
1 bj Telur
1 tsp Esen Vanilla
Jem Strawberry secukup nya

1. Pukul cream cheese & gula sehingga lembut.
Masukkan telur & pukul sehingga sebati.
2. Sudukan sedikit jem strawberry ke dalam tartlet pastry.
Paipkan adunan cream cheese di atas nya.
3. Campurkan sedikit pewarna ke dlm 1 sb bancuhan cream cheese.
Lorekkan corak ke atas cheesetart.
4. Bakar pada suhu 170C selama 5-10 minit sehingga permukaan nya kering& tidak melekat apabila di sentuh.
5. Sejukkan pada suhu bilik dahulu sebelum di sejukkan dalam petisejuk.

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