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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Women's Lunch Gathering

 Today we had small gathering for lunch with sisMarina who came from KL.... I didn't prepare a long menu but alhamdulillah we were loaded with food from pot lucks... It was so nice to catch up and we chit-chatting until the evening. I tried all the kuih an love them all.... gotta skipped my dinner because I was so full.... alhamdulillah & TQ all the lovely ladies!

Let's go & see the menu......
The main table

Dessert table loaded with local delicacies...!

1. Mee Bakso Tulang
- the main dish for lunch.... beef bones were slowly cooked overnight to ensure naturally delicious soup.

2. Mix fruits (Guavas, Starfruits, Green/Red Apples) served with Homemade Petis & Ground Peanuts

3. Sticky Date Cake with Butterscotch Sauce

4. Prune & Chocolate Pandan Layered Cake

5. Tapai Pulut (Sweet Feremented Glutinous Rice)

6. Assorted Cookies
- From left clockwise.... Biskut Batang Buruk, Oat Cookies, Cheese Rolls

7. Serabei (potluck from CikTie)
- Sarawak traditional pancake filled with Egg Jam

8. Getas (potluck from AiBee)
- I love this kuih sooo much!
9. Onde-Onde with Red Bean filling (potluck from sis MaSaly)
- my hubby's favourite

10. Mini Quiche (potluck from sis MaSaly)

11. Cucur Semuan (pot luck from AiBee)

12. Pudding (potluck from Saloma
- Liana had 2 small bowls of this - she loves the colorful jelly

13. Beef BBQ Pau
14. Cakoi
- both potluck were from sis Hanifah- love the pau filling!

15. Honeydue & Sago Dessert (potluck from sis Hanifah)
- cooling!

16. Fruit Custard in Creampuff Basket (potluck from sis Bebiyana)
- pretty & elegant!

17. Kuih Talam Durian Pulut Hitam
18. Serimuka
- both from sis Bebiyana - the Durian talam was a hit
19. Drink
- Fresh Mango & Lime Juice 
- Hot Tea


  1. Byknya makanan. semua nampak sedap...

    1. Alhamdulillah.... rezeki potluck dari kwn2.... :)

  2. mewah segala makanan, untungnya buat potluck mcm ni semua benda dpt rasa alhamdullllah kan

    1. Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari kwn2 yg baik hati. Mmg sonok dapat berkumpul makan2 camtu....hehe


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