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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Liana's 6th Birthday Party & the Menu

 Liana celebrated her 6th birthday in KL for the first time and was joined by her cousins and relatives. When we were in Miri, we used to celebrate her birthdays quietly amongst few of us at home besides with her friends in school. She had lots of funs with her cousins, nieces & nephews especially playing in the pool & jacuzzi. Most of all, she enjoyed shopping for her own birthday present and this year mommy was generous enough to allow her pick any 3 things from Parkson toy department. In addition, she had another two surprise gifts from mommy and another one from her brothers....! Sounds a bit spoilt but I guess is ok.... hehe.

 Birthday party is not complete without a cake.... so here a simple Frozen Birthday Cake, humbly made by Liana very own mommy... It is Blue ombre butter cake with White Chocolate Butter Frosting.... will show more in next entry.... stay tuned.

 All kids had fun on the day, not just the birthday girl....

Herewith the simple menu for the day:

i.) Chocolate Cupcakes

ii. Cheesekut

iii. Takeaway Pizzas

iv. Garlic Bread
- Homemade garlic butter with fresh Oregano from my garden pot.

v. Homemade Delicious Mushroom & Chicken Soup
 vi. Shepperd Pie

vii. Takeaway Satay

viii. Marble Cheesecakes (courtesy of Acik)

 ix. Creamy Young Mangoes with Rojak Paste (courtesy of Acik)

x. Assorted Dadih (courtesy of Acik)

xi. Fruit Cocktail (courtesy of MakNgah)
- sorry forgotten to snap.....


  1. I miss buat birthday parties ni. Anak-anak semua dah besar panjang. Happy birthday beautiful Liana. Nice cake Along. ;)

    1. TQ auntie!

      Kek comot jer Mama.... takpa, boleh buat parti utk diri sendiri gak....hehee.... Along ingat nak buat gak utk diri sendiri Jun ni....hehe

  2. Sesiapa yang minat memasak try
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