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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fish Head Curry

My dear hubby bought a fresh fish, weighted 3 kg, direct from a fisherman this morning. The fish looked like a Snapper but neither me nor my hubby knows for sure what fish it is. I reserved the head for curry for our dinner tonite - what can be better than curry....! Emmmh, the fish is so fresh that it tastes very sweet & tasty....

My niece, Ayu, just had an operation to remove growth in her nostril/throat, therefore she can only take icecream and liquid porridge at the moment. I made Blueberry Dadih for her today - it is very soft & easily swallowed. I used ready made instant powder - so no recipe for this, just follow instruction on the packet...

My curry is very simple to prepare & sharing the recipe herewith in case anyone needs it:

1 Fish Head
4-5 tbsp Vegetable Oil
5 Shallots*
3 Garlic* (*sliced)
2 sprigs Curry Leaves
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
½ tsp Methi Seeds
5-6 tbs Curry Powder (I used Adabi Kari Ikan Mamak) - add enough water to form thick paste
2 bowl Coconut Milk
1 tbsp Tamarind - add 4 tbsp water to produce tamarind juice
1-2 Tomato - cut 4
Salt & MSG (optional)

1. Heat up oil in pot & fry sliced shallots, garlic, curry leaves, mustard seeds & methi seeds. Add in curry paste & stir until fragrant and oil surface out from the paste.

2. Add in coconut milk & tamarind juice. When boiled, add in fish head. Add in salt & MSG. Boil until fish head is well cooked inside.

3. Serve with white rice.

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