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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cucur Udang ( Fried Dumpling )

Another common Malay "kuih" served at tea time. The Cucur Udang can turn up hard if not mixed into the right consistency but on the other hand succesful quality should be soft and not too oily.

Here is my version:

500g more/less Flour
½ tsp Baking Powder
300g Shrimps - shelled & chopped coarsely
1-2 Red Chilli*
5 Shallots* (*pounded)
1 handful Bean Sprout
Some Chives - cut into 1½ inch length
Water sufficiently

1. Mix all ingredients with water until you achieve the consistency required.

2. Heat up a lot of oil in a wok.
Drop a teaspoon of the mixture at a time & fry until cooked.
Make sure you flip the dumplings to ensure evenly cooked.

3. Serve with chilli or peanut sauce.

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