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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ginger Chicken

Today I came home after work very late, so have to cook something simple and quick. Ginger Chicken will be nice and quick to prepare. In addition, I cooked simple Mixed Vegetable Soup made up of available vegetables in fridge - Loofah, Carrot and Oyster Mushrooms. Emmm.... although they are simple my children enjoyed them very much.

Here is Ginger Chicken recipe:

300-400g Boneless Chicken Meat - sliced
1 Green Bell Pepper/Capsicum - sliced thick
3 Green Chillies - sliced
2 inches Ginger - sliced into matches stick shape
½ Big Onion - sliced vertically
1 tbsp Oyster sauce*
1 tbsp Soya Sauce*
1 tsp Cornflour* - mixed with little bit of water

1. Heat up 2 tbsp oil & fry all the ingredients above except those marked *.
Fry until chicken is cooked.
Pour in sauces and cornflour mixture & stir for shortwhile.
Dish up.

2. Serve with white rice.


  1. Hi,Precious friend,i dont know who you are.But i want to thank you so much for all this sedap sedap recipe .i dont know at first ,how to get some cooking dishes that i like.Well ,Thank God my friend thought me how to get online for all kind of cooking.Is your name Rose?The pic on my right?baju warna pink rose?i m going to try a new masakan this coming CNY .so let me try 1st,then i let you know ,ok?You are a very claver person.i love cooking name Sakura.Live in Pg .bye

  2. Hi Sakura,
    My name is Roz. Welcome to use any recipes that I shared in this blog. I hope it helps you to prepare delicious meals for the coming CNY. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you & family.


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