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Monday, July 7, 2008

Layered Chocolate Mud Cake (Kek Idola)

This is heavenly rich & moist layered cake with chocolate mud cake in the centre. The best layered cake recipe I have of all which shared by my sister-in-law. Unlike the typical Sarawak layered cakes which use a lot of egg yolks with wasted egg whites, this recipe uses 10 whole eggs, but yet produces very moist texture. Also, the method is different and does not use ovalette.

It sliced well if you let the cake cool completely or fridged but my children love to eat the cake hot from the oven so it smudged a bit in the picture above.

I have refined the recipe into gram instead of glass for easy measurements.

By: Roz@HomeKreatiom
450g Butter
190g Castor sugar
10 Eggs
250g Condensed Milk
1 can (140ml) Coconut Cream 
220g Sekaya (Egg jam)
200g Horlicks
270g plain Flour / Hongkong Flour
100g Milo
300g Chocolate - melted 
Yelllow coloring

1. Beat butter & sugar until white & fluffy.
Add in egg one by one while beating.
Add in milk, coconut cream, sekaya, Horlick & flour - beat until well blended before adding each ingredients.

2. Divide into 3 equal parts.
Add milo & chocolate into one part.
Add yellow coloring to 2 parts.

3. Grease and line 9inch x 9 inch tin.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of yellow mixture & grill until top is brown.
Repeat until one yellow part is finish.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of chocolate mixture & grill until top is brown.

Repeat until chocolate part is finish.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of yellow mixture & grill until top is brown.
Repeat until the second yellow part is finish.
Note: Press each layer with cake presser for even layers.
At the last step, if cake is not cooked, bake at 180C for 15 minutes.

Di atas beberapa permintaan, di sini di sertakan resipi dlm BM:

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation

450g Mentega
190g Gula Kastor
10 Telur
250g Susu Pekat1 tin (140ml) Santan pekat
220g Sekaya
200g Horlicks
270g Tepung Gandum/ Hongkong

100g Milo
300g Chokolt - cairkan
Pewarna kuning

1. Pukul mentega & gula sehingga kembang & putih.Masukkan telur satu-persatu sambil di pukul.Masukkan susu, santan, sekaya, Horlick & tepung sambil di pukul sehingga sebati.
2. Bahagi 3 bahagian.
Satu bahagian di campurkan milo & coklat.
2 bahagian lagi di warnakan kuning.
3. Minyakkan & alas tin ukuran 9inchi x 9 inchi.
Ratakan 2 senduk adunan kuning & grill sehingga perang.
Ulangi melapis sehingga habis satu bahagian kuning.
Ratakan 2 senduk adunan coklat & grill sehingga.
Ulangi melapis sehingga habis bahagian coklat.
Ratakan 2 senduk adunan kuning & grill sehingga perang.
Ulangi melapis sehingga habis bahagian kuning yang kedua.
Nota: Setiap lapisan hendak lah di tekan dgn penekan kek lapis sebelum meratakan lapisan yg seterus nya.Akhir sekali, jika kek tidak masak, bakar 180C selama 15 minit.


  1. Roz..nampak cantik layered cake ni..senang ke susah nak buat? I have a friend from indonesia who is really good in baking the layered cake. Ingat nak belajar dari dia tapi bila dia kata it takes time..terus tak jadi..hehehe

  2. Tirana, actually it is not difficult. The importance are passion and patient. You can try and I'll be happy to provide answer to any question you have.

  3. salam kenal,
    menarik laa tgk layered kek nie
    tumpang amik resepi yea..thanks for sharing

  4. miim, TQ utk mesej anda. Dapat ucapan terima-kasih pun dah seronok buat galakan untuk kongsi lebih banyak lagi di masa depan.

  5. hi,
    may i knw how many degrees u used to bake each layer?

  6. I used "Grill" function which is located at end of the temperature knob. Grill function is only top heat & usually the maximum heat temperature depending on your oven type & it may range from 220-250C.

  7. hi hi yr blog. Which flour did u used to bake this cake? Hk flour apa beza dgn flour biasa ya? SEkaya tu issiy kaya yg ada dekat supermaket tu. lastly which saiz telur to use to bake this cake..i usually buy AA eggs.


  8. Hi Sue,
    I used HK flour becoz it gives lighter & denser cake. Yes sekaya tu lah. I used AA or A grade eggs.

  9. thanz for yr reply..if i used plain flour , will the cake come out okay? I wanted to buy the HK flour today but really expensive rm6.40 so decided not too:)

    is the cake too sweet if add 250gm of condensed family don't really too sweet i able to reduced much can i reduced the sweetness.

    thank you

  10. Sue,
    As said earlier plain flour is also ok but will give you a different texture. RM6.40 is cheap for HK flour as last week I paid RM8 for 800g. If you want less sweet cake, reduce sugar instead. The condensed milk will give dense texture, hence the name "Mud" cake. Anyway, I like the sweetness as is, may be becoz I'm a sweet-tooth.

  11. thank you...will update you when i succesfuly bake this wonderful cake.Btw did u used a spoon or a soup ladle to scoop the batter to the tin. And how many scoop for a one layer? sorry for bombarding with lots of question becoz i've not bake a kek lapis before:)


  12. Sue,
    It is already explained in the recipe i.e. 2 scoops. I used "senduk", logically 2 "spoons" will not fill a 9"x9" tin. You have to ensure full spread of the batter. Good luck and hope to see your cake once done.

  13. Hi,
    may i know what is SERIKAYA in the recipe? can find easy? Thanks

  14. Hi Pinky70,
    Serikaya or Sekaya is egg jam used for spread on breads. You can easily buy from any supermarket in Msia. Are you not from Msia?

  15. Hi,

    Can I subsitute Horlicks with something else? Because it is wasteful to buy a whole jar and only use a little. Also is it ok to bake the plain and chocolate levels at intervals? ie: yellow, brown, yellow, brown, yellow. Instead of just yellow brown yellow.

    Thanks for your time (:

  16. Hi Helen,

    You can skip the Horlicks but you have to increase the amt of flour but in less quantity. The taste of the cake will be affected if you skip the horlicks.
    Yes, you can bake alternately if you prefer.

  17. Hi,
    Able to omit the egg jams or what to substitute?? I'm from s'pore. Not sure if it sells locally.


  18. Hi ChezzyHeart,
    I will not recommend for it to be skipped as that makes the cake moist. I'm afraid there is no substitute for it. You can try to make your own egg jam but I have not tried it myself.

  19. Hi, thks for ur reply.

    May i ask where in malaysia can i find for the egg jams? Is it sell in supermarket or bakery supplies shop? thks

    Lastly, any idea if we can buy from singapore? thks again

  20. oops, just c ur reply to others on egg jams. it can be found in major supermarket in malaysia... i pity i seldom go there. here goes my chance of wanting to bake this cake...sob...sob

  21. Tks for sharing this wonderful recipe... loved it!

    By the way u can get kaya fm NTUC cheezyheart.. in fact its being sold everywhere... so go and get it tmrw and try out this recipe... its delish!


  22. Salam AlongRoz, saya dah buat kek ni n siap tengahari tadi. Memang sedap n moist betul. Saya minta izin gunakan resepi ini untuk kek yang bakal saya buat untuk sahabat saya, rasanya memang sesuai untuk anak-2.


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