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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spicy Chicken ( Ayam Berlada )

Occasionally we like to have 'dry' dishes which not so much of milky/soupy gravy or wet sauces. This dish goes well with hot white rice. Preferably cook the dish in a non-stick wok to prevent burning and sticking on the wok as there is no water added to cook the dish.

8-10 pieces chicken
2 Potato - sliced thinly
Turmeric powder
4-6 Red Chillies*
6-8 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic* (*blended/pounded)
1 big Onion - sliced into thin rings
Salt, Sugar & MSG (optional)

1. Rub chicken with salt & turmeric powder.
Deep fried until cooked.
Deep fry potato slices until golden & crisp.

2. Heat up few tbsp oil & fry big onion until golden - dish up.
Fry pounded ingredients in the remaining oil.
Add up seasoning & stir fry until dry & fragrant.
Mix fried chicken, potato and fried onion.
3. Dish up and serve with hot rice.

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