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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brinjal Pachrey ( Pajeri Terung )

Brinjal Pachrey is a Malay dish typically served during special occassion in the old days. Nowadays this is sold in many restaurant as daily dish mainly in the Peninsular. However, in Sarawak this is not popular amongst the locals as I have not found this in any restaurant here.

The way it is cooked almost like cooking curry except that additional ingredient like Kerisik is a must in Pachrey recipes.

4 Long/Round Brinjals - cut to smaller size
2 tbsp Beef Curry Powder
2 tbsp Fish Curry Powder
4 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic*
2 inch Ginger* (* sliced thinly)
1 Star Anise**
1 Cardamon**
4 Cloves**
1 piece Cinnamon Stick**
2 sprigs Curry Leaves**
1 handful Dry Shrimps
1 cup thick Coconut Milk
2 tbsp Roasted Coconut paste (Kerisik)
1tbsp Sugar

1. Heat up 5 tbsp oil & fry sliced ingredients* & those marked** until frgrant.
Add in dry shrimps and fry until shallots are brown.
Mix curry powder with enough water to form paste and add into the pot.
Stir fry until oil emerged out of the curry paste.
Add in coconut milk, Kerisik, salt & sugar; stir until boiled.
Add in brinjal.
Dish up when brinjal is soft.

2. Serve with white rice.

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