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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fried Nasi Kerabu

My children are not very good in mixing the Kerabu with rice so I came up with an idea to mix everything ready for the whole family to consume. It turned up to be great especially served hot from the wok.

1. Mix rice (Nasi Kerabu) with salt, pepper, flaked fried fish, crumbled salted egg.

2. Heat up few tbsp of oil and fry pounded onion until golden.
Add in chopped Chilli Padi and several tbsp of Nasi Kerabu sambal, stir well.
Add in rice mixture and stir until well mixed.
Add in generous amount of Coconut Serunding and sliced assorted Ulam (vegetable + herbs).
Fry for few minutes until all are well mixed up.
Dish up.

3. Serve with fish crackers, fried chicken and budu.

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