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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mixed Tom Yum Soup

I cannot recall when the last time I cook Tom Yum Soup, felt like long time ago. This is not difficult at all, anything can go into it. A bowl of Tom Yum Soup can be quite filling even without rice. Everyone had an enjoyable lunch today.

In addition I also cooked Sambal Petai with Shrimps:
This is my children's favourite - deep fried fish roe:
Here is simple Tom Yum Soup recipe:

2 tbsp Adabi Tom Yum paste
1 liter water
Chicken parts
1-2 Lemongrass
3 Kaffir Leaves - sliced finely
4-5 Chilli Padi (Bird-eye Chillies)
1/2 packet Crab sticks
1/2 packet Squit balls
Shrimps/ Prawns
Vegetables of your choice e.g. cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, leeks, celery, mustard leaves, capcicum, mushroom, potato, tomato, etcs

1. In a pot, place water, chicken, potato & carrot, lemongrass & Tom Yum paste.
Boil until chicken is cooked & potato is tender.
Add in the rest of ingredients & cook for a while.

2. Serve with rice or by itself.

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