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Monday, September 8, 2008

Beef Dendeng

This is Ummi's recipe. I actually never eaten Beef Dendeng before but when I saw it at Ummi's blog I couldn't wait to try it until the recent weekend. Like what Ummi said, the preparation is quite an effort especially the part of pounding the beef. Not sure whether it supposed to look like the above but anyway it tastes good. It can be stored few days and especially good for Sahur.

I made it proportionately as below:

750g Beef
4 tbsp Chilli paste
10 Shallots*
3 cloves Garlic*
2cm Ginger*
1cm Galangal* - I skipped coz no stock (* blended)
1 tbsp Curry powder (optional) - I skipped
1 cm thick of Palm Sugar disk
2 tsp Sugar
Small pinch of Tamarind - squeeze juice
1 tsp Coriander Powder
4 tbsp Sweet Soya sauce
200g Shallots - sliced & fried

1. Cut beef into 4 inch cube & boil until tender.
Slice thinly & pounded to soften it.
Deep fry just fo short while.

2. Heat up some oil & fry blended ingredients*, chilli paste, coriander powder & curry powder until fragrant and oil emerged.
Add in both type of sugar, soya sauce, tamarind juice & salt.
Stir until it becomes thick.
Add in beef & stir well.
Lastly add in fried shallots & stir evenly.
Off fire & ready.


  1. Along, tahniah..yeap betullah tu..! that's how it looks in colour n dry..memang betul boleh tahan lama dan sedap untuk makan sahur kalau x lalu lauk lain. In fact, if it is properly stored, boleh tahan seminggu tau! Actually, lagi byk bawang goreng, lagi sedap!! Thanx for trying..!! Muaaahhh..

  2. TQ Ummi bagi komen. Along ni baru first time makan dendeng...! TQ for sharing...mmmmuuahh!


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