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Monday, September 1, 2008

Frozen Curry Puffs

Today is the first day of fasting in Ramadhan and coincidently a holiday in lieu of National Day which fell on Sunday. Apart from preparing for today's menu, I took the opportunity to prepare for the coming week days as well, knowing that I have very little time to prepare meals after office hours. So this morning I made Peanut & Ikan Bilis Sambal and in the afternoon I tried Joayee's Simple Curry Puff Dough which I fried half cooked and freeze for consumption in later days.

I cannot comment how the pastry taste like as we have not eaten it yet but I guess it is nice from the texture of the half-cooked ones. Will tell you later. Anyway here is the recipe which indeed simple to make:

Produced 25 pieces
4 cups Flour*
1 tsp Salt*
1 tbsp Sugar* (not in the original recipe) (*mix together)
3/4 cup Oil - heated up

3/4 cup ++ Water (add more water if necessary)

1. Slowly & carefully, pour the hot oil into Flour mixture.
Mix well until it forms like breadcrumbs.
Gradually mix in water until a dough is form.

2. Cover the dough until used up as it may get dried up.
Divide into smaller portion and roll out thinly into a round shape.
Place filling, fold and seal opening with pleat.
Note: I used sweet potato and minced beef as filling. Refer to earlier recipe for filling here but replace dried shrimps with minced/chopped beef.

3. Deep fry with medium heat until the pastry is slightly cooked and no longer sticky.
Cool and freeze until required.

4. When required, fry in hot oil above medium heat until golden and crispy.

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