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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Umai ( Raw Fish Salad )

Umai is a speciality from Sarawak, made of raw fish. The taste is not like what it is described as the fish does not taste raw at all but quite an awesome appetiser. The most important element is that the fish must be fresh which is not a problem in Miri.

The recipe is requested by Mira from Sabah and this is made specially for you. I actually requested my sis-in-law to pot luck this as she join us to break-off fast today.

1 Fish - either Mackerel (Tenggiri) or White Pomfret (Bawal Putih)
2 Red Chillies - pounded
Some Bird-Eye Chillies - pounded
1/2 Big Onion - sliced thinly
Ginger (optional) - sliced thinly & matchstick shape
Kasturi Lime
Salt & Sugar

1. Debone the fish & slice fish fillet to small pieces.
Squeeze enough lime juice and soak the fish for a while.
You will notice that whitish liquid emerged.
Squeeze out all juice from the fish & place it in a bowl.

2. Add in pounded chillies, onion, ginger and sliced Kasturi lime.
Squeeze lime juice to taste, salt & sugar.
Ready to be consumed right away.

3. Serve as an appetiser or with rice.

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