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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fried Bitter Gourd Leaves with Belachan

I always like to try something new that I have not accustomed to before. Bitter Gourd leaves is commonly sold in the Market in Sarawak but not in my hometown in West Malaysia. Surprisingly it is not bitter unlike the fruits and I like it very much.

The typical way of cooking this by the locals is fry it with Belachan and you may add other vegetables like Young Corns, Fungus, etc. For recipe refer here but replace the vegetables with Bitter Gourd leaves.

Here is how the fresh Bitter Gourd leaves look like.... Dinner tonite is Kampung Food theme with the following dishes: Pandan Chicken, grilled Stingray, Dabai & Banana Heart....

Banana Heart from my garden....

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