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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pengat Durian & Roti Jala

It is a Durian season but the price is 10x more expensive than in the West Malaysia. A kg of Durian is sold in a range of RM10-15 and if unlucky you ended up paying for the skin only as difficut to get fresh ones in Miri. However I am lucky as my colleague owns a Durian farm somewhere 100km from Miri. Today he delivered a basket of Durians to my house and I only paid RM100 for 18 Durians...very cheap and his Durians are Grade A - sweet & creamy. Apart from eating raw, the first thing crossed my mind was of course Pengat Durian & Roti Jala which I've been craving for long time! Here is how the two kinds are served together.... Here is how I cook my Roti Jala.... The last time I made Pengat Durian & Roti Jala was long time ago demonstrating to some friends who wanted to learn making Roti Jala. However at that time I did not measure the ingredients and just by "agak-agak" (feel & estimate). Today, I measured all the ingredients so that I could post the recipe for friends and readers.

Here is Roti Jala recipe the way I always made mine:

(Makes 32 pieces)
250g Flour
1 Egg - beaten slightly
75ml Canned Coconut Milk
450ml Water
1 tbsp Sugar
½ tsp Salt
1 tbsp Pandan Paste

1. Mix all ingredients until smooth.

2. Use Roti Jala mould to net it on a girdle.
(Adjust the water if necessary, i.e. if too thick it will drip and if too thin the net will be coarse)
Once cooked, lift onto a plate & roll/fold.

3. Serve with sweet durian gravy or savoury curry.

Place durian, coconut milk, palm sugar, a pinch of salt & Screwpine leaf in a pot.
Cook until boiled.


  1. Wah, roti jala warna hijau! Tak pernah terfikir pulak. Mama ni when it comes to durian, suka makan gitu je.

  2. mamafami, letak pandan paste tu nak kasi roti jala tu harum pandan tapi tentu lah hijau jadik nya...hehe. Along ni bila hijau2 selera nak makan.

  3. wow, along..
    wani xpernah taw boleh makan roti jala ngan pengat durian..
    biasa mkn ngan gulai ayam..
    ini mknn org s'wak ye along?
    hehe, wani btul2 x taw.. :">

  4. Ini makanan org Perak ler. Kan durian paling terkenal di Perak. Kat Swk pun org makan roti jala dgn kari, so something new bila along hidang ni kat sini.

  5. Roz, i pun prefer maka roti jala with pengat/serawa durian and was surprise to find out tht not many ppl actually eat it that way.

    RM100 for 18 durian? Mak oi, mahalnya. Eh, are you base in Miri?

  6. Farina, That's what I like about blogging, you can find out what others' food style and we get connected to many people just by sharing what we eat - it is great way of networking!
    It is very cheap for Miri standard but of course very expensive compared to prices in my hometown - you can get as low as 50cent each. Yes, I'm based in Miri.


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