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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Apam Pisang (Malay Steam Banana Cake)

Translation: "Apam" means steam Malay cake which does not use any oily/greasy ingredients and hence considered a healthy choice.

It has been very long time since I last ate Apam Pisang. Since I have some riped bananas, I decided to give a try on the recipe I found in for children's breakfast tomorrow. It turned out to be very soft Apam.

(Makes 8" round)
4 Eggs
1 cup Sugar
2 cups Plain Flour*
1 tsp Soda Bicarbonate*
1 tsp Baking Powder* (* sifted together)
6 Riped Bananas - mashed
A pinch Salt

1. Beat eggs & sugar until thick.
Mix in flour mixture until well combined.
Add in mashed banana & salt & mix well.

2. Put a layer of banana leaf in a tin & oil.
Steam for 45 minutes.


  1. Along, cantiknya apam pisang ni.. Sure sedap..hehehe..

  2. along, guna acuan berapa inci. tq

  3. Tirana,
    Pada Along mmg sedap sbb lembut & manis yg sederhana.

    Acuan 8 inchi. Along dh update kat post.

  4. Hi Roz,
    Which recipes on the two steam banana cake wld u recommend the most? thks

  5. Anonymous,
    It depends what you are lookng for. The second one is more like a cake than an apam. The first one is no fat/oil added. Both are equally good to my taste.

  6. I made this last nite. The top part is a bit chewy whereas the bottom is soft. i din cover the top part with paper when steam. is it becoz of that then the top is chewy?

  7. Delia,
    Sounds like "bantat" i.e. cake not rising. Few possible reasons that I could think of:
    1. Make sure water is rapidly boil before start steaming the cake, then use medium fire. If water not properly boil, cake will not cook in time or evenly
    2. Make sure you cover the cake tin with aluminium foil & seal around it by clinging the foil around the tin
    3. Make sure flour and bp/bs are well sifted
    4. Mix the flour until just combined, do not overmix or your cake will turn out chewy.
    Hope you try again.

  8. made stripe apam y'day..i mixed together sugar,eggs & mixed butter-oil and beat..but the batter tak thicken so time i wll beat eggs/sugar first ,then add in oil kot..and since my hb prefer it sweeter ,i will use 1c sugar instead.. :)


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