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Sunday, November 30, 2008

MeeHoon Soto

My sweet friend gave me varieties of paste recently, so this morning I tried making MeeHoon Soto using Soto paste that she gave me. Emmmh, not only it is less troubles but very delicious too. I planned this since last night, so I had the rice cubes (Nasi Himpit) cooked last night ready for consumption in the morning.

10-12 Mini Nasi Himpit (rice cubes) - boiled per packet instruction & cool
½ packet MeeHoon - blanched
1 packet Soto paste
1 whole Chicken Breast
1 bowl Bean Sprout - blanched
1 Bean Curd - sliced & deep fried
Some Suhun (vermicili) - deep fried
Some Shallots - sliced & deep Fried
Spring Onion - chopped for garnish

1. Boil 1½ liter water with Soto paste.
Add in whole chicken breast, Salt & boil until tender.
Pick the chicken out from the soup & shredd to thin long pieces - use it as garnish.

2. Serve Nasi Himpit, Mee Hoon with the Soto soup and garnish with shredded chicken flesh, bean sprout, fried bean curd, Suhun, spring onion, fried onion & chilli ketchup/oil.

3. To make chilli ketchup, blend Chilli Padi with garlic, soya bean, lime juice & chilli sauce.

1 comment:

  1. bertuah suami dan anak2 you kan? sebab you suka memasak... anak2 you pun mcm muka org korea la... handsome2 semua ... hehhe

    from azian7475


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