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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice Lemon Tea

Even though wheather has been cold & wet late weeks, my throat felt so dry & thirsty. Must be the left over effect from the recent sore throat.

I never like any citrus fruits, drink or any food with that content. My sore throat was prolonged for weeks despite two rounds of anti biotic prescribed by the clinic & the doctor advise me not to consume any dairies in order to reduce development of phlegm. That means I cannot drink my favourite Teh Tarek....! Then one day, when I was patronising one restaurant, the owner insist that I should drink his so claimed tasty hot lemon tea. Although hesitated I agreed to give it a try.... Gheee... I'm glad that I tried... it was nice indeed and also very soothing. Ever since, I drink hot lemon tea everyday as it not only helps with my sore throat but also contains vitamin C which my body needs at the moment.

So today, I made my very first Ice Lemon Tea....hahaha.... just a story to share.

A glass of sweeten Tea
Few slices of Lemon
Ice Cubes

Mix them all & serve...!

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